According to Richard Wollheim, the influential philosopher, a picture contains two aspects:

what you see on the surface and the things represented by the picture.

What do you see in this picture?

Yes, there are cables, boxes, ports and labels, all from a client installation project ready to ship out.


What you may not see is the care and quality that goes into every client installation.


We remove packaging, inspecting every piece of equipment. We test functionality. We may assign IP addresses so that the devices work on the client’s network. We test to ensure that how you expect it to work in your environment is how it actually works. We update firmware that may have been introduced after a specific piece of equipment was manufactured.


In the spirit of continuous improvement, we have advanced our operational processes to ensure our final product is 100% ‘bombproof’ when it gets to your site. Plus, we reduce the cost to you, our valued client. We work out the kinks before we set one foot on your site.


You have come to count on us. Continue to expect more from your team at Century Audio Visual.