CAV Tech Team at Sunnybrook Hospital

In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, Century Audio Visual is fully operational.

We conduct client installations during COVID-19 by adhering to our strict pandemic protocol.

Here are some comments that clients have shared with us in recent weeks, concerning our operating protocols.

Thank you to our valued clients, for placing your trust in us, especially during these challenging times.

“Hi, Nick – very happy with the physical distancing, PPE (Ventilator masks) and the screening process. Thanks, it put our folks at ease – although they were isolated at all times.” Halton Police Superintendent

“Century AV has been on-site for installation over the past two weeks at our hospital and their protective measures have been exemplary. They have taken proper precautions as far as protective gear requirements and on the few times I have come by to see how the work is progressing they are all at a safe distance from each other. In addition, they have not strayed beyond their work area and have been completely compliant in passing our own screening process for contractors.” Sunnybrook Hospital