What Is The Best Equipment For Zoom?

What Is The Best Equipment For Zoom? Find out at CenturyAV.com.

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What is the best equipment for Zoom? With the advent of a hybrid work setup for many businesses, online team meetings have become more critical than ever. It is the reason why many companies now invest in video conferencing tools. That said, what equipment will make Zoom meetings better?

The best equipment for Zoom is the Neat Board. This 65-inch LED monitor is an all-in-one solution for video conferencing. Its built-in 12MP camera, sensors, speakers, and microphones make Zoom meetings feel like physical meet-ups.

What Is The Best Equipment For Zoom?

Zoom is now one of the best applications for video conferencing. It provided an opportunity for businesses to adapt to a hybrid work setup. With Zoom, employees can work at home and connect with their colleagues and employers anytime. 

But as businesses, it is vital to have high-end equipment for conducting a Zoom meeting. This way, you can ensure that meetings and presentations go smoothly and professionally. However, what is the best equipment for Zoom?

This article will help businesses to know what equipment they can utilize when conducting video conferences via Zoom.

A View Of The Neat Board Video Conferencing Device

One of the most high-end and efficient devices a business can use for conducting video conferences is the Neat Board. The company Neat collaborated with Zoom Rooms to create a video conferencing solution, thus paving the way for the creation of the Neat Board. This device aims to provide businesses with a comprehensive experience when conducting meetings and presentations online.

Taking A Look At The Features

At first glance, the Neat Board is a high-end, sophisticated screen. But no matter how simple it looks on the outside, it packs comprehensive features for conferences via Zoom. The Neat Board has everything a business may need for online video conferencing. 

Moreover, this video conferencing kit is ideal for various spaces. You can mount it in different ways, allowing you to find the best position for your meeting environment or conference room.

Features Of The Neat Board

  • Ease Of Use

Regardless of how complex the features of the Neat Board seem, it is straightforward to set up and use. There are three options to mount the device: 

  • using a table stand
  • mounting it on the wall
  • installing a floor stand

After mounting the Neat Board into your chosen location, you can proceed to use it. One fantastic feature that this Zoom collaboration tool offers is that it automatically saves whatever you capture on the screen into your Zoom cloud environment. This way, you can access the information that your team came up with whenever you need it. 

If you are brainstorming with your employees, this device is an excellent tool for mixing shared ideas. It comes with two Neat markers, which let you draw on the screen or add content to a presentation. 

  • 65-Inch Multi-Touch LED Display

The Neat Board’s 65-inch monitor offers an ultra-HD 4K resolution. It automatically turns on once the device detects a presence walking into the meeting room, taking video collaborations to an entirely new level. With its screen size, those attending the meeting can easily see what it displays. 

Additionally, the Neat Board makes writing notes and brainstorming easy for meeting collaborators. You can easily share your screen if you need to present a graph and visual information as this device allows wireless connections. And suppose you are worrying that fingerprints may smudge on the screen and make things look blurry. In that case, the entire device has an anti-fingerprint coating. 

There is also an anti-glare coating to prevent a room’s lighting from impacting the display. 

Moreover, the Neat Board’s screen has automatic:

  • white balance
  • color correction
  • noise reduction
  • distortion correction

This way, you no longer have to automatically adjust the screen’s settings to bring it to achieve a better display.

  • Hardware-Accelerated Audio Processing

Another thing that makes the Neat Board the best equipment for Zoom is its excellent audio performance. Its speaker box system can also cancel echoes, so you can clearly hear whoever is doing a presentation. It even has a wide-angle tweeter that helps sound quickly fill the meeting room.

The Neat Board’s speakers make a room-filling sound, allowing every person attending the meeting to hear discussions. Even better, the sounds made by the speakers only have minimal distortion.

To capture the voice of whoever is speaking, the Neat Board has five microphones equipped with innovative technology. The microphones can cancel noises, suppress echoes, and form beams. This way, all the things discussed in a meeting will be apparent to everyone.

  • Safety Sensors

Neat and Zoom collaborated to make the Neat Board with people’s safety in mind. Businesses can better take care of their employees with this board, thanks to the sensors added by the manufacturers. 

This device has sensors that track VOC, humidity, CO2 levels, air quality, and room temperature. This way, you can take care of your team if they are in the same room as you while you conduct hours of meetings and presentations. 

  • 12-MP Built-In Camera

The Neat Board does not disappoint in terms of video quality. It has a 12MP built-in camera that can zoom photos and videos up to 4x its size. So, in an instance where some of the texts you are displaying are a little too small to read, you can easily zoom them in to make them more readable. Other notable features include:

  • distortion correction
  • automatic people framing
  • 120 degrees field of view
  • noise reduction

With all these camera features combined, you can expect the Neat Board to provide high-definition videos during video conferences. And since the device’s screen is enormous, the clarity of the videos will make you feel as if you are in one room with your colleagues. 

When many people attend the meeting, the device will automatically adjust to get everyone into the frame. (source)

  • Zoom Collaboration

The Neat Board is more than just a tool for communication. As mentioned, Neat and Zoom collaborated to create this elegant device. For this reason, the Neat Board can provide Zoom meetings with more than just video meetings. 

You can use the Neat Board as a whiteboard as it allows annotations of the details you want to emphasize. And since the tool is a result of Neat and Zoom collaboration, it is entirely manageable using the Zoom admin portal. (source)

The Pros And Cons Of The Neat Board

The Benefits

  • High-quality features and fantastic user experience
  • Offers exceptional teleconferencing capabilities
  • Easy to setup and use
  • The extra features are extremely useful

The Drawbacks

  • Expensive 

Who Is The Neat Board For?

If you run a business and frequently collaborate with your large team via Zoom, the Neat Board is a device you need to have. This high-end solution offers the best support for your meetings, presentations, and other office activities through video conferencing. 

In addition, this intelligent all-in-one solution makes hybrid work setups a lot more convenient. The quality of the audio, video, and features offered by this board make work teams feel like they are in a single room.

Suppose your company has already invested in video conferencing via Zoom. In that case, the Neat Board is a beneficial tool you need to have. Zoom meetings are already efficient on their own. 

Even better, the Neat Board increases that efficiency by allowing better meeting setup and providing your teams with more features they can benefit from. This way, they can better retain information and save it for future reference.

How To Find The Best Video Conferencing Equipment For Zoom

Now that businesses are allowing their teams to work out of the office, looking for the best video conferencing equipment is vital. When employees are working at home, connecting with their managers is more important, especially when their work needs supervision. Zoom makes video conferencing fast, easy, and efficient. 

However, sometimes, doing a Zoom meeting by only relying on your computer screen is not enough. Sometimes, you will need a better video conferencing tool, especially if you collaborate with a large team. But how do you find the best Zoom video conferencing equipment?

Look For The Suitable Resolution

Back then, the highest video resolution was 1080p. As technology advances, 4K videos become more and more popular. However, getting the video conferencing tool with the highest resolution is not always necessary. 

Instead, get the video conferencing tool whose resolution matches your needs. If you frequently connect with clients and business partners, you must provide them with a clear video resolution to make things look professional.

Consider How Many People Attend Your Zoom Meetings

When choosing the best video conferencing equipment for Zoom, you need to consider the maximum number of people who attend the meetings you conduct. You never know when you need to conduct a large-scale conference, so the tool you need to get should be able to support one anytime.

Consider Your Conference Room’s Size

Another thing worth considering when choosing the best video conferencing device for Zoom is the size of the office where you want to install it. You cannot get a tool that is too huge or too little for your room. Getting a huge video conferencing tool can be inconvenient if you have a small space. Similarly, having a large meeting room and a small video conferencing tool will not be enough to provide a view for everyone attending the meeting. 

To avoid sacrificing the quality of your conferences and presentations, you must ensure that your video conferencing equipment is just the right size.

Check The Features

Your video conferencing equipment should have today’s advanced technologies. Of course, it must provide all your needs for conducting online meetings. As much as possible, choose an all-in-one video conferencing tool so you will not have to mix and match separate devices like cameras, speakers, and microphones. Choose a device with clear audio, a high-resolution camera, and noise-canceling microphones for a disturbance-free meeting. 

Additionally, the best video conferencing equipment for Zoom should have extra features. For instance, it should be able to let you share and save documents so you can access information whenever you need it. Many video conferencing tool manufacturers go beyond just letting you conduct meetings, so looking for valuable features should be easy.

Ask The Experts

At Century AV, we specialize in providing solutions for our clients audio-visual needs. Whether setting up a Zoom conference room or networking communications equipment throughout your new facility, we’re up to the challenge.

Our team of dedicated professionals brings decades of experience to the table and is ready to help your business get the amazing results currently offered by the best technology. Solutions are only a quick communication away. Contact us today.

Benefits Of Having The Best Video Conferencing Solution

Video conferencing using an all-in-one tool presents many opportunities to businesses and workers. Not only does it allow better remote work communication, but it also provides an avenue for better collaboration in the most efficient way. Undoubtedly, Zoom’s best video conferencing equipment is beneficial for businesses.

Better Communication

Engaging with teams when you are geographically separated can be difficult. Such is especially true for businesses that hire freelancers as their staff. Fortunately, the difference in location is not a problem when you have the best video conferencing equipment for Zoom. 

Video conferencing equipment with high-end features allows a more effortless flow of communication. For instance, during a presentation, having a large screen will enable everyone in the meeting room to see the information you are showing them. There are also all-in-one tools that automatically record meetings for future purposes. This way, you can simply open your Zoom cloud environment and pull the recording when you need to access certain information. 

Provides More Structure For Meetings

Video conferencing tools allow you to plan how your meetings will go to ensure that there will not be any distractions. As a result, your session will have a better structure from start to finish.

Video conferencing tools are highly technical, so you can set and save your preferred meeting settings. For this reason, they allow you to save time from having to constantly have to adjust a camera, microphone, and speakers. All you need to do with these digital tools is to turn them on and start the Zoom meeting. 

More Focused Group Discussions

If you do your meetings just by audio conferencing, you never know who among your team is listening and who is not. On the other hand, having a video conferencing tool demands a higher level of concentration as your teams know that you see each other. Simply put, video conferencing via Zoom equipment makes your team feel like they are physically together.

For that reason, they will be able to focus on the information you are relaying during the meeting. This way, they will thoroughly understand what you are discussing. 

It Provides You With A Competitive Advantage

A video conferencing tool like the Neat Board can be costly. But considering all the benefits it can bring to your business, investing in one is undoubtedly beneficial. 

A video conferencing tool gives your business a competitive advantage by helping increase team unity and productivity. It also makes the collaboration of information extremely easy. 

Highly Efficient

Zoom meetings using a video conferencing tool make teams feel like they are physically together even when working remotely. It helps them connect and increases their efficiency. The only difference from face-to-face meetings is that employees no longer have to commute to the office. As a result, they will not be late for your meetings as all they need to do is sit in front of their computers and log into the Zoom room. (source)

The Takeaway

Video conferencing via Zoom is already efficient on its own. It allows teams to see each other even when they are working remotely, thus, making them feel connected. But with Zoom’s best video conferencing equipment, businesses can further improve everyone’s efficiency. If you are unsure what video conferencing tool is suitable for your business, you can contact our team at Century AV to help you assess your needs. This way, you can ensure that you will get all the benefits of using video conferencing tools properly and in the best setup.

Do you want to have the Neat Bar for your business? Leave us a message, and we will be more than happy to assist you!

The Neat Board is a 65-inch, brilliant screen that allows better Zoom connectivity. This all-in-one board has a built-in camera, speakers, and five noise-canceling microphones that make meetings efficient and interruption-free.

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