What Do I Need For A Video Conference Room? (And 4 Tips To Make It Happen)

What Do I Need For A Video Conference Room? (And 4 Tips To Make It Happen) by CenturyAV.com.

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Video conference rooms serve as a bridge that connects a company’s team even when they are not physically together. Employees and business owners can now brainstorm, collaborate, and discuss projects thanks to video conferencing systems. 

Now that many businesses are allowing a hybrid work setup, having a video conference room makes connecting with your colleagues easy regardless of the differences in everyone’s location. But you may be asking, “what do I need for a video conference room?”

A video conference room needs:

  • a display screen
  • camera
  • speakers
  • microphone
  • control panel
  • a strong internet connection
  • a video conferencing platform

Each piece of equipment facilitates hassle-free connection, collaboration, and innovation.

What Do I Need For A Video Conference Room?

How do you hold presentations, video conferences, and meetings as business owners? Now that many people are opting to work remotely, having a video conference room to meet them virtually from time to time. You may be asking, “what do I need for a video conference room?”

The video conferencing solution that you will commonly find today splits into two equipment types:

  • Hardware equipment
  • Software solutions

Your conference room must have both of these requirements to ensure effective communication.

In this post, we will discuss the equipment that you need for compelling video conferencing. 

Hardware Equipment For A Video Conference Room

  1. Video Conferencing System

A video conferencing system includes:

  • A Display – when getting a monitor for a video conference room, you want to go for one with an ultra-wide screen and a high refresh rate. The monitor should also be able to display virtual meeting rooms and presentations. 
  • High-Resolution Camera – The camera that you need to use for your video conference room should have a wide lens to show the entire room. This way, you can show all those in the meeting to whomever you are with during the video conference. 
  • High-Quality Speakers – It is ideal for placing your speakers intelligently in your conference room. The best place to install the speakers is the ceiling, ensuring even sound distribution.
  • Microphone – Every conference room needs to have noise-canceling microphones. The main benefit of this device is that it only picks up the sound of you or your employees talking and leaves the background noises behind. These background noises will not drown your colleagues’ voices as they speak. 

These devices need to have the highest quality that you can get to ensure that all the video conferences that you will attend will go smoothly. 

  1. Control Panel

All the equipment in your video conference room should connect to a control panel. The control panel is a web interface that manages all the devices, such as displaying presentations and video conference calls. 

You can also use the control panel to create presets for meetings, presentations, and conference calls. This way, you will not have to set each piece of equipment whenever you need to use them. 

  1. Laptops With Built-In Webcams

When you are working remotely or in a hybrid work setup, your employees, business partners, and clients may call you anywhere you are as long as it is inside your work hours. For this reason, you must have a laptop with a webcam that you can bring anywhere you will go. 

It would be best if you also had a noise-canceling headset so you could talk to your colleagues privately. The headset will filter out surrounding noises, making your voice clear and understandable. It will also prevent the people around you from hearing confidential information about your business. (source)

Software Requirements For A Video Conference Room 

  1. Video Conferencing Software

Browser-based platforms and desktop applications are a much-needed tool for video conferences. Video conferencing applications like Zoom, GoogleMeet, Skype For Business, and GoToMeeting are a fantastic way to connect with people who cannot be with you physically during a meeting. You can integrate these platforms with your calendar, allowing you to easily schedule an appointment and inform those who will attend the discussion about this schedule.

When choosing the right video conferencing software, you need to consider the number of people who usually attend your video conferences. The reason is that these platforms can only cater to a limited number of people in one meeting. For instance, Zoom allows you to host up to 100 people in a virtual room, while Skype For Business can cater to 250 people.

  1. Strong Network Connection

You will not be able to use all the equipment you installed in your conference room if you do not have a fast internet connection. A poor network connection will result in various inconveniences during a video conference. It will also adjust the quality of your video conferences, making them blurry.

These factors can make you or your business look unprofessional. Suppose you are talking to a potential client. In that case, they may turn you down due to the inconveniences of poor network connection.

But with a strong internet connection, your conference meetings will run smoothly, allowing you to prevent lags that can hinder the excellent flow of communication. (source)

Tips For Creating A Great Video Conference Room

It is not enough that you know the answer to “what do I need for a video conference room?” You also need to ensure that you set up your conference room to be easy for you and your employees to use. 

However, it is essential to note that no matter how user-friendly your video conference room is, its technologies do not work in a “plug and play” manner. So, to help you make the best out of your conference room, here are five tips that you may benefit from:

Install The Right Equipment

Virtual conference solutions and real-time collaboration platforms are a must-have for modern-day businesses. Without these solutions, your company will not be able to hold meetings, presentations, or webinars. For this reason, your video conference equipment should be able to handle voice and video calls and content sharing. 

In addition, your video conference equipment should be able to handle marketing and sales. You need to have a video conferencing platform where you can do product demos and meetings. It should also seamlessly combine video, audio, and screen-sharing options. (source)

Standardize Your Video Conference Room Equipment

Every video conference room has several equipment and technologies. While this factor may be beneficial during actual video conferences and presentations, the problem is that they can take time before you can set them up one by one. It defeats the purpose of installing video conferencing equipment – convenience. 

It would help if you standardized your video conferencing equipment. Creating a single standard operating procedure will improve each piece of equipment’s usability. It will also make things easier for your employees who are unfamiliar with the equipment. 

Set It Up In A Way That It Is Easy To Use

Video conference room equipment ensures convenience whenever you need to have a meeting or presentation. But while these technologies can make collaborations easy, setting them up can be intimidating. Such is especially true if your employees are not familiar with using the equipment. 

Scheduling a meeting and checking that the display, microphone, camera, speakers, and screen-sharing feature is working can be time-consuming. To prevent any hassle, you need to ensure that your video conference room is easy to use. 

You can do such by creating a checklist of the things your employees need to do when they schedule the conference room. It is ideal for this list to record what your employees need to do to quickly set up each piece of equipment in the conference room. This way, they will not have to guess the proper setting for each piece of equipment. (source)

Have IT Support For Your Equipment

With the right video conference room equipment, your meetings and presentations should start on time and run without hassle. Such is highly possible if your conference room technologies are all efficient. However, you can make the most out of your video conferencing solutions if you have tech support to oversee the equipment. 

When technology was not as advanced as it is today, preparing for meetings wasted so much time, there are even instances when meetings occur longer than they should due to various hassles like not being able to share your screen.

Fortunately, having reliable IT support that promptly addresses issues will prevent hassles during a meeting. Your IT support can handle problems quickly and troubleshoot issues so your sessions will stay on track. 

Technical difficulties should not have any room in your video conference room. With IT support, you will be able to start and end your meetings on time. (source)


A video conference room needs a display, camera, microphone, speakers, and a control panel. You also need to invest in a strong network connection and the right video conferencing software as a business owner. This way, all your meetings, and presentations will go smoothly. 

What do you think about this article? Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions or suggestions, and we will try our best to answer them.

The right video conferencing equipment facilitates effective communication, making it easy to have meetings, business proposals, and product demos. It serves as a bridge to connect with your colleagues, employees, and clients anywhere. 

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