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Are public places too static for your liking? Installing video walls in public spaces allows for a great way to create an explosive, interactive, and dynamic presentation for a cause, for advertising, or anything in between; video walls can do it all.

Over time, video walls have gained popularity as more and more events use them. In fact, they define the look of New York’s Time Square, giving it its classic look – bright LEDs with many bystanders watching. Moreover, video walls that emulate the 3D experience have also gained popularity.

Are all these reports of video wall installations in public spaces worth all the hype?

Key Takeaways

In this article, we will go through the following critical points around video wall installation in public places:

  • What are video walls?
  • How are video walls redefining public spaces?
  • How do I identify well-placed video wall installations?

Video walls put many dynamics towards public spaces – helping create an interactive atmosphere that immediately grabs the viewer’s attention. They are great for advertising, such as most digital billboards, as they can quickly leave an impression.

What Are Video Walls?

Video walls like this are possible with the proper installation. Learn more at
Want to captivate people in your space? Try a video wall.

Video walls are an orientation display equipment setup with multiple screens interlocked to form a cohesive image. Video walls, by definition, are not restricted to one kind of technology. While many audio-visual installers use video walls that utilize LED displays or blended projection technologies, they can also utilize other technologies, such as computer monitors, television screens, or projectors. (1)

However, screens are also built with video walls in mind, usually sporting thin bezels (or black borders around a screen) to create a cohesive display. 3D video walls are becoming increasingly popular as they can emulate a three-dimensional experience. Typically, many AV installers install them around street corners for a more awe-striking illusion of depth.

How Are Video Walls Redefining Public Spaces?

You may not notice it, but video walls are everywhere these days. Take a hard look around the city and see how roads, malls, and even streets brim to life with these beautiful giants. Imagine your favorite places without these installations – do they still feel the same to you?

Video walls redefine how we look at public spaces, the vibe, the ambiance, and the atmosphere. So, how are these video walls changing our view of public spaces? Let’s consider these use cases:

The Use Cases Of Video Walls In Public Spaces

  • Advertising and promotion
  • Art and media
  • Retail and branding
  • Information dissemination and broadcast

Advertising And Promotion

In most cities where fast-paced living proliferates, it is within the advertisers’ and the business’ incentives to capture the fleeting attention of prospective consumers. However, the hustle and bustle of the city can blur out almost all static advertising. As such, advertisers need to spice up their advertising efforts to capture the attention of their target audience. The perfect fit for the job? Video walls.

A few things make video walls one of the best advertising technology businesses can use to boost brand recognition. Let’s take, for example, a static billboard and compare it to a video wall.

Many pedestrians would brush off billboards when placed on a busy street. However, with video walls, moving images and vibrant colors are a definite way to capture their attention. Moreover, video walls are bright, even when compared to billboards with lighting installed, making them stand out from a dark alley or at night.

According to a 2015 study, researchers compared how static and dynamic media affected prospective customers’ perception of advertising content. Many respondents responded and recalled the dynamic ad better, increasing their likelihood to react or act. (2)

Another critical factor that allows video walls to act as superb marketing tools is that it leaves a solid first impression on the consumer, especially regarding relatively unknown brands. Whether you are a big company aiming to maximize reach, or a new organization thirsting for a good start, public video wall installations are your best bet.

Art And Media

Learn about video wall installation at
Utilizing video walls to display media is a great way to captivate pedestrians in the area.

Let’s break away from the capitalist mindset and tap into our artistic side. Do you want to share your message with a larger audience? Do you have a social statement that deserves attention or a masterpiece that demands showcasing? Video walls are the perfect solution for you!

Moving on from art, let’s consider big-time games such as esports, sports, and other related events. Imagine the Super Bowl without those massive screens or Coachella without video walls? It is exceptionally challenging to enjoy the performances with the performers barely visible.

Video walls act like microphones for visuals, amplifying and showcasing performers in a large arena or at a big outdoor music festival like Coachella. In addition, without video walls in sporting events, it is impossible to appreciate the game without squinting at the players from a considerable distance.

This issue is even more evident in esports events, as it is impossible to spectate without video walls. Due to the nature of these events, it is crucial for video walls to live stream the event for viewers to watch and for shout casters to commentate.

How about art installations? In a project by Lighthouse Immersive, they installed video walls (projectors, not LED) that occupied an entire room inside the Toronto Star building. In this room, they displayed Van Gogh’s most infamous paintings, fully immersing the attendees in Van Gogh’s artistic vision.

Whether it may be for esports, sports, broadcasting, art installations, or concerts, video walls are a great solution to immerse yourself into another world beyond reality.

Retail And Branding

Learn about advertising on video walls in your business. Contact Century AV for more information.
Retail makes great use of video walls, and so do restaurants like the one shown here.

Have you ever noticed the abundance of video walls in your local mall? Major clothing retailers like Uniqlo, Oldnavy, and Gap have strategically placed video walls throughout their stores. Tech giants such as Samsung and Apple have also incorporated video walls into their retail spaces, often at the entrance or in columns and sometimes in unexpected locations.

This widespread use of video walls in stores is not coincidental. Retailers use these installations to project their brand image and establish a more substantial presence. They can reinforce their brand identity by associating themselves with the displayed images.

For example, Nike stores often feature video walls showcasing people participating in outdoor activities while wearing top-of-the-line products. They reinforce their brand message by aligning it with the images on the screen.

This type of presentation is helpful for brand recognition and– we have to admit, video walls are great decors that are flexible to use and never get old.

Information Dissemination And Broadcast

Learn about video wall information dissemination at
Video walls are a great example of multiple stream information dissemination. They captivate and help to convey multiple concepts simultaneously.

Video walls have become an integral part of public information dissemination. They provide visually appealing communication and are incredibly versatile and easily adaptable to the changing demands of businesses and organizations.

The news sector is one of the most common ways video walls are used to deliver information. News service providers can inform their audience of the latest events worldwide by showing real-time updates and news. Not only is it a great source of information, but it also builds trust and credibility with the public.

Transport hubs such as railway stations, airports, and bus stations increasingly use video walls to display travel timetables, arrival and departure times, and other essential information. With video walls, these transit centers can inform commuters and enable them to make informed decisions about their travel arrangements.

But it’s not just about the information displayed; it’s also about how it’s displayed. The beauty of using video walls to disseminate information is their flexibility and ease of customization. For example, time-critical information, such as travel information, needs constant updating minute by minute, which a static wall can never do. But with a video wall, we can update this information in real-time, giving commuters the latest information about their travel arrangements. 

In addition, video walls can display several pieces of information simultaneously. For example, the time can display the flight schedule and weather conditions in airports on the same screen. This feature saves space and helps travelers use information in one place.

How Do I Identify The Best Placement For Video Walls?

We can install video walls virtually anywhere. However, just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should be doing it. With that said, how do we identify appropriate video wall installations? Let us look at the following criteria:

  • Size is everything for video walls – video walls must have an appropriate size. Make it too small; it goes unnoticed and leaves virtually no impact. Make it too big, and it becomes overwhelming. Ensure all the information displayed within the video wall is legible at a reasonable distance.
  • Location is critical – knowing where to put your video walls is essential to maximize impact. Places like bus stops, streets, and parks have the most people walking (which is essential, as people are much quicker to notice video walls when walking), which makes them better for video wall installations. (4)
  • Visual appeal and aesthetics – know if the displayed media in the video wall is appealing enough to the viewers. Check if it is appropriate, relatable, or has shock value.


As video walls become increasingly prevalent, businesses must recognize how they redefine public spaces. Video walls are effective for advertising, information dissemination, and branding assertion. However, the impact of video walls is significantly reduced if they are not placed appropriately. In order to ensure the best results, it would be best to speak with one of our audio-visual professionals to install your video walls and get expert advice on identifying the key places where they will make the most impact.


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