In part two of our “Cool Things in the World of Displays”, Sony has exciting news. We’d like to share it with you!


Sony’s BRAVIA 4K HDR BZ40H Series: Ease of Use for Everyone


Sony’s BRAVIA BZ40H professional series combines flexibility, connectivity and ease of use with superior picture quality.  The slim, energy-efficient displays offer increased picture performance and brightness, a powerful processor and both 2.4 / 5 GHz WAP support.  They also boast a SoC platform, Android operating system and redesigned cosmetic features including new terminal positions, a flat bottom bezel and a reinforced structure that is tailored to the B2B market.  Pro mode allows quick and easy customization to suit different environments, while One Step Setting optimizes display settings for signage and conference rooms.


All-in-one professional displays based on a System on a Chip (SoC) architecture are the largest growth market for flat panels. An SoC infrastructure eliminates the need for external hardware by providing all necessary components in a single integrated circuit.  Combined with a powerful operating system such as Android, the benefits of an SoC design are easy installation, excellent system reliability, simplified connectivity and lower cost of ownership.  All-in-one displays have less points of failure and the chip’s smaller size consumes less power, making them an effective streamlined digital signage solution.


As educators, students and employees transition to learning and working in socially distant communal settings, their needs have adapted and they’re looking to technology to help keep participants engaged while fostering collaboration.  Video displays, like Sony’s 4K HDR professional BRAVIAs, can help bring teams closer together – at a distance.   Through dynamic and realistic 4K HDR imagery, large sizes up to 85-inches, interactive features, connectivity options and additional software upgrades, video displays are enabling a new era of engaging and immersive visual communication.  Displays also enliven communal experiences through BYOD connectivity, which allows any collaborator to operate the display from their personal device, enabling safe, secure, seamless and touchless operation.


We are seeing more displays being added to learning, working and collaborative environments for increased interactivity and enhanced visibility.  Sony’s versatile lineup of BRAVIA professional displays combine flexibility, connectivity and ease of use with superior picture quality to support new ways of working and learning.  BRAVIAs are being used as reference monitors and displays, situated throughout classrooms and offices of the future to deliver engaging visuals and offer collaboration.  The new BRAVIA BZ40H series of 4K HDR professional displays comes in 55 to 85-inch sizes, offering viewers an immersive and detailed view of content, from virtually any viewing location.  The displays also feature an Android-P OS, and mirroring with Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast, so users can feel confident, safe and secure operating the display from their personal devices in a contactless and touch-free manner.


As the needs of customers transition to our changing world, BRAVIA displays are ready to flexibly adapt with them.  Through software partnerships, Sony’s BRAVIAs can be tailored to add even more powerful features, based on the needs of customers.  For example, iRevo software licenses offer cloud based digital signage capabilities, enabling remote content and minimizing the need for personnel on-site, while the Logitech Collaboration Program confirms Sony’s 4K BRAVIA professional displays with the compatibility to be paired with Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet to create a simple, all-inclusive, plug-and-play video collaboration solution that is ideal for large groups, including students and colleagues, enabling an engaging and productive virtual or socially distant educational or working experience.


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