Pandemic Protocol: Three Communications’ Best Practices

COVID-19 has thrust millions of employees from corporate offices to the kitchen table, closet workstations and basement laundry rooms. The world is experiencing accelerated digital transformation during a time of unprecedented change. As leaders lead their people during the pandemic, clear and consistent communications may help to keep businesses afloat. Here are three communications’ best practices that may help your clients, your people and your business:

  1. Communicate to your clients and employees why your business may change in the ‘new normal’, how this change may impact them and the possible benefits.
  2. Communicate how your business practices may change and when you expect changes to take place. Share what you know now.
  3. Communicate regularly. Keep your clients and employees well-informed.

Ask Adam: Q & A

Adam, our AV Systems Designer, and Tim, our Senior Design Manager, alternate as host of our quarterly Q & A column, launched in January. Today, Adam is the host. Expect answers to typical questions they encounter when they quote, design or implement a solution. Our goal: to help our valued clients become more informed to make future technology decisions.

Q: When would you use a projector over a TV? Are projectors still relevant?

A: Yes! Projectors and screens are still great solutions, especially in large rooms where viewers are 25 feet or more from the display. With ambient light rejecting screen material and laser projectors, projected images can look as vibrant and bright as a typical TV.

We strongly recommend projector-based solutions in rooms where the display size is larger than 100” diagonally. Have questions? Contact Adam today. At Century Audio Visual, we are here to help.

COVID-19 UPDATE: How Century AV is Helping Its Clients

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, Century Audio Visual is doing everything possible to support its clients during this difficult time. We adhere to clear and consistent pandemic protocols to protect our clients and our team during site visits. We install Video Conferencing (VC) systems for businesses, to protect and sustain good health and facilitate remote communication. On a daily basis, we re-assess the needs of our clients and our team and update our protocols, based on new data. We accept orders by telephone or email and ship direct. Century Audio Visual is still here for you. We acknowledge the challenges that COVID-19 presents for us all. We wish you all continued good health and we take strength in the knowledge that we ARE getting through this, together.