COVID-19: How Century Audio is Helping Its Clients

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, we want you to know that Century Audio Visual is doing everything possible to support its clients during this difficult time. We are committed to keeping our team, clients and our communities safe. We have spent time with each of our team members to ensure we take all necessary precautions, from proper hand sanitation to social distancing at client sites. Your company may have a need right now to equip your staff for remote work, or, establish Video Conferencing (VC) systems to facilitate remote communication. If you need help to make this or any other AV solution happen to help protect your staff and your business, give us a call. We are here. We can also accept orders by telephone or email and ship direct. Most importantly, we wish you good health. Together, we will get through this.

Flat Screens: What is the Right Size for Your Space?

Audiovisual designers often encounter limitations with dimensions and layout for flat screens in relation to optimal displayed image size. Viewers depend on the displayed image to convey information in adequate detail. Multiple factors impact the formula: the image size relative to the space and viewing requirements; the closest and farthest viewing positions; horizontal angles of view and viewer content needs (basic decision making, analytical or both).

To determine the right size for your space, Contact Century Audio Visual. We will help you calculate the perfect solution, using the methods and metrics of the ANSI Avixa Standard for Display Image Size.

Kramer Cables: Why Cable Quality Matters in AV Systems

Cable quality matters in AV systems. As cable bandwidth requirements continue to grow, cables need to be manufactured to increasingly tighter tolerances. Kramer Electronics is one of the world’s largest suppliers of pre-terminated and bulk AV cables. According to Richard Ridge, Senior Accounts Manager, Kramer Canada, “An inexpensive, poorly made cable can be the weak link that brings down an entire AV system.”

Bandwidth is affected by three main factors: resolution, frame rate and colour depth. A fourth factor, chroma subsampling, which removes redundant colours to reduce bandwidth, is sometimes added.

As resolution goes up, frame rate goes up and technologies like HDR (high dynamic range) which employ deep colour are added to the signal, bandwidth increases. How do you know if a cable can accommodate the bandwidth you need? Kramer cables are unique. They are tested on an analyzer to ensure 100% pixel error free at the stated bandwidth for their given length. These test results, along with the resolution at which the cable is designed to be used, is listed on each cable. Contact Century Audio Visual today to learn how Kramer cables more than meet your resolution requirements.