Coming Soon: Microsoft Teams Inter-operability with Zoom, Webex & Cisco

With multiple vendor support, Microsoft Teams Rooms devices will soon connect to meeting services from other vendors via browser-based technologies. This change represents a huge savings in efficiency for businesses that depend on videoconferencing with external clients or vendors. According to Karan Nigam, Microsoft Teams Product Marketing, “Microsoft is working with Zoom and Cisco to enable direct guest join capability from the respective video conferencing devices to the video meeting service using the web app.

This capability will be supported on a new generation of meeting room devices with embedded web technology”. Over time, Microsoft will add support for other vendors. Expect access to Microsoft Teams inter-operability in early 2020.

“The Sanctuary of the Workplace”: Statista Talks Sound Masking

Statista, the global business research firm, worked with Staples to look at changes in office and home office space design and its impact on employees and employers. “The Sanctuary of the Workplace” article suggests that employers must focus on health and wellness, regardless of where the employee performs the work. Sight, sound, smell, touch and taste all factor into attainment of a work sanctuary, but a significant variable may be sound control. According to the research, “sound masking has led to a 50% reduction in reported sound distractions, 10% improvement in short-term memory accuracy and a 47% improvement in employees’ ability to focus on tasks”. Contact Century Audio Visual to learn how Sound Masking can improve employee satisfaction and focus.

3 Reasons to Sign Up NOW: Century Audio Visual’s Remote Support Service

AV/IT systems require management, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting. Century Audio Visual’s Remote Support Service offers multiple business benefits. Here are 3 reasons to sign up now.

  1. Reduce downtime. Problems are detected, and in many cases fixed remotely with a patch, update or configuration change. This reduces business downtime and client impact.
  1. Decrease costs. Remote support can trace an endpoint, gateway, network or cloud failure in an interdependent system for faster detection and problem resolution.
  2. Increase efficiency. Remote support can resolve most IT issues, minimizing the need to request the physical presence of a technician. Less interaction and complexity in problem resolution increases your business’ efficiency. Contact Century Audio Visual now for options and pricing on this value-added service.