Collaborative Meeting Spaces: Benefits to Improving End-User Experience

When it comes to today’s collaborative meeting spaces, the benefits of improving end-user experience are significant. Engagement is a significant benefit; however, it can be a challenge. Most members of the corporate workforce now work on remote teams. Video calls can be effective in increasing engagement and decreasing multi-tasking, which may occur to a greater degree in an audio call. Feeling connected is also a benefit, so shared access to people, data and information will be critical. Cloud access will be a must, as more and more meeting content, data storage, agendas and action items will be stored on the cloud. Participants believe that technology helps to convey their message, making it imperative to have proper technology in place to meet users’ needs. Ensure that end-users are engaged and connected with the right technology to share what inspires them. Productivity may follow, but your ability to collaborate may give you that competitive edge.

NEW! “Ask Tim: Q & A Column”

Tim, our Senior Design Manager and Adam, our AV Systems Designer, will alternate as host of our new quarterly Q & A column. Today, Tim is the host! Expect answers to typical questions they encounter when they quote, design or implement a solution. Our goal: to help our valued clients become more informed to make future technology decisions.

Question: Are ceiling microphones better than table microphones?

Tim’s answer: They are completely different, each with its own benefits. A ceiling microphone is out of reach, saving table space. A table microphone will always sound superior to a ceiling microphone, but it takes up table space and may capture ambient sounds more easily, such as rustling paper or HVAC noises. Stay tuned for the April edition, with Adam as host!

“Twas the Bite Before Christmas” Fundraiser: Fight Hunger & Feed Hope

In summer 2019, before the wintry weather, the “Twas the Bite Before Christmas” fundraiser series of events kicked off. Its mission: fight hunger and feed hope. It all started in 2009 with a conversation about hungry children living in the very communities in which the organizers lived.

The organizers figured there had to be a way to help raise money and collect for the local food bank. Ten years later, their flagship turkey dinner is now a sold-out event. The community is truly committed to making a difference. Century Audio Visual is committed, too. This year’s dinner saw Shan, Colin and some members of the Century AV team volunteering and having fun. You can bet they will be back next year to support this worthy cause!