Cable quality matters in AV systems. As cable bandwidth requirements continue to grow, cables need to be manufactured to increasingly tighter tolerances. Kramer Electronics is one of the world’s largest suppliers of pre-terminated and bulk AV cables. According to Richard Ridge, Senior Accounts Manager, Kramer Canada, “An inexpensive, poorly made cable can be the weak link that brings down an entire AV system.

Bandwidth is affected by three main factors: resolution, frame rate and colour depth. A fourth factor, chroma subsampling, which removes redundant colours to reduce bandwidth, is sometimes added.

As the resolution goes up, the frame rate goes up and technologies like HDR (high dynamic range) which employ deep colour are added to the signal, bandwidth increases. How do you know if a cable can accommodate the bandwidth you need? Kramer cables are unique. They are tested on an analyzer to ensure 100% pixel error-free at the stated bandwidth for their given length. These test results, along with the resolution at which the cable is designed to be used, are listed on each cable.

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