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Looking for the right audio visual consultants for your business can be challenging. With rapidly changing technologies, it isn’t easy to know all the details for which technology will work best for your business – now, next week, and further in the future.

Choosing the proper infrastructure to support your business projects is critical. Whether dealing with meeting rooms, corporate broadcast, digital signage, or video conferencing, the technology has to work for your business.

At Century AV, our wide-ranging expertise in AV systems design offers your business a solutions-oriented design team that can guide your organization in choosing the right solutions for your audio and video requirements.

Let’s look at some of the key indicators for choosing the right consultant for your success. Designers are a dime a dozen, but professionals in audio visual technology are harder to come by, so knowing what to look for from planning to service is vital for choosing the right services.

Critical Indicators Of A Professional AV Consultant

Critical Indicators Of A Professional AV Consultant found at
Critical Indicators Of A Professional AV Consultant found at

A professional AV solutions provider will deliver solutions right from the design stage of your audiovisual project. The answer presented will be clear and assist you with added value that only years of expertise can deliver. Clients should love the audiovisual systems solutions, and the consultant should manage the implementation process.

Several critical indicators can help you decide if a consultant is right for you. Let’s look at some of these factors you should watch out for when choosing an av expert.

  • Offers a proof of concept demonstration
  • Provides on-site evaluations and on-call support
  • Provides acoustic consultation for optimal equipment performance
  • Has a well-defined service level agreement
  • Responsive system support services are available
  • Easy to contact (good communication)
  • Demonstrated expertise

5 Important Things To Prepare Before Contacting A Consultant

Before you finalize your decision about a consulting av firm, you’ll want to ensure you are well prepared. You should prepare five essential things before speaking with a potential technology partner.

Have a clear idea of your requirements.

The first and most essential aspect of finding the best av services is determining your audiovisual system requirements. You know there’s cabling, routing, and other fun backend work before the big bosses see the final solution. Let Century AV help you precisely determine what needs to go where and the best way to do it.

Determine your budget.

Your clients don’t want surprises, and neither do you. So, determining your budget before any construction, cabling, or equipment purchase is necessary. Century AV makes it easy with on-site evaluations and design concept quotations. Contact us today and find out the difference that experience makes.

Gather information on the consultant’s experience and expertise.

Century AV has been in business for a long time. The team has decades of knowledge to back up the services they offer. When you’re looking for an audio visual expert, you need to determine if they stand up against the tides of time.

Maximizing your ROI and choosing the best technologies for longevity and functionality will only come from solid advice. Solid advice will only come from a company with integrity – a company that puts your needs first.

Typically you can trust companies that have been in business a long time. That is, you can trust that they are experts in their field. Century AV is no exception to this rule.

Get referrals from business partners.

Business partners are critical to a company’s success. If you’re working in Canada, you know you don’t want to search south of the border for a quality AV technology partner. So, ask your business partners right here at home which they’ve worked with and trust. There’s power in referrals; many customers meet us that way.

Create a list of questions to ask.

If you aren’t sure which services you may need for your audio visual project, or even if you are confident, you should make a list of questions to ask your consultant. Often when clients search the internet for answers, they wind up building an idea about what they want, but it may not be what they need, and it may not even work correctly for their application.

What Are The Right Questions?

To ensure you have the best planning for your project, create a list that asks questions that solve your situational needs. Here is a list below that shows some essential questions you may want to consider asking.

3 Questions To Ask Your New (Potential) AV System Consultant

Before you dive headfirst into working with audio visual consultants, it’s best to consider some questions that you’ll want to ask. These questions will help you decide which AV consultant and the AV project itself.

How Long Has The Company Been In Business?

Here in Canada, we’re used to seeing new companies pop up. However, real expertise comes with experience. When you meet or contact potential project managers for your audio-visual projects, ensure you ask them how long they’ve been an expert in their field.

What Functionality Is Offered In The Audio Visual Systems?

Determining how you want your audiovisual system to work is essential to constructing and implementing a robust solution. Whether it’s video conferencing that you want to work on a wall display in a boardroom or a corporate broadcast solution that displays on timed hours, you need to find the technology that works best for your needs.

Do I Need Engineers Or Other Professionals To Install The Infrastructure?

The best av system design companies, like Century AV, will offer an all-encompassing technology solution – from ideation to system design to installation, implementation, service and maintenance. A professional with expertise will provide systems solutions, services, and support every step of the way for your building or space.

Who Can Benefit From Professional AV Services?

Today’s world is a digital one. From communication using video to audio conferencing with someone on the other side of the world, we are connected like never before.

Almost all companies or organizations can benefit from the services of a professional audiovisual consultant. From the office to warehouse and classrooms to retail stores, digital signage, audiovisual conferencing, corporate broadcasting, and other digital media are becoming a staple in almost every business. People are transforming their space with video and sound for real-life user experiences. Isn’t it time you transformed your space with fresh ideas only an expert can share?

Contact Century AV today to discuss how to transform your space to work for you with the best audio-video solutions.

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