How Regular AV Maintenance Can Save Your Business Money

How Regular AV Maintenance Can Save Your Business Money using

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Are you looking for ways of cutting back expenses in your business? Consider starting with upkeep on your AV system – a straightforward yet impactful method to ward off expensive downtimes while decreasing repair costs and extending equipment longevity. 

Over time this small investment pays off tenfold! Audiovisual (AV) technology is fundamental within present-day businesses ranging from conference facilities to digitized sign displays that enable efficient communication channels while fuelling team member and client collaborations and promoting engagements. 

Yet, like all technology, the AV system needs regular upkeep to ensure peak performance. 

How does AV system maintenance save money over a more extended period?

By regularly maintaining their audiovisual systems, businesses can avoid costly downtime and reduce repair bills while increasing asset durability. Here are six keys points illustrating why system maintenance drives business profitability:

1. Prevent expensive downtime

Audio/Visual equipment plays a pivotal role in maintaining business operations smoothly; any disruption could result in severe financial losses for businesses and the necessity to purchase a new system altogether.

You should conduct regular maintenance checks of audiovisual systems to avoid disruptions caused by breakdowns or malfunctions.

Although it might seem costly to run check-ups, in final analysis keeping the system running optimally and reducing potential breaks or malfunctions that might halt normal business operations in your workplace will save more money over a more extended period.

2. Reduce repair costs

Are you neglecting equipment maintenance in your workplace? If so, beware: this could lead to severe headaches in the form of costly breakdowns and repairs – or worse yet, having to replace expensive system parts. 

But there’s hope: you can avoid these costly outcomes by taking proactive measures like identifying potential issues early on and reducing their frequency through preventative care tactics. 

3. Extend AV equipment lifespan

One way of prolonging the lifespan of an audiovisual system is through regular maintenance. It is a proven way to safeguard critical components of a complex AV system and reduce repair and replacement costs over the lifespan of the entire system. 

Professional maintenance allows checking delicate parts of a system, even those not immediately visible to an untrained eye.

4. Ensure AV equipment is up-to-date

Technology tends to advance very fast, and it might be challenging to know what to upgrade without performing regular inspections or even remaining up to date with the industry changes.

Regular upkeep performed by professionals in AV technology can help businesses identify upgrades that align with technological advancements and regulatory standards.

5. Enhance energy efficiency

Is your business trying too hard to economize on equipment purchases? Be warned: this could drive up your utility bills if you’re not careful! Alternatively, splurging on expensive gear may not necessarily translate into efficient energy usage.

All it takes is regular maintenance checks to avoid these pitfalls and ensure optimal energy consumption efficiency. 

These measures help identify areas where improvements are possible–by tweaking settings or selecting eco-conscious products–which ultimately leads to substantial cost savings over time!

6. Improve the user experience

System maintenance is an investment that can make all the difference for businesses looking to excel.

Improved user experiences increase engagement and productivity while quickly resolving equipment issues helps prevent frustration. With these benefits come positive returns on investment for companies prioritizing upkeep and maintenance efforts.

How to take care properly of your AV systems?

Proper care for your audio visual equipment equates to a better experience for all stakeholders. Find out more about audio visual equipment at

Audiovisual (AV) systems are essential to modern business operations, and proper maintenance can help ensure that they continue to function at optimal performance levels. 

While you can always call a professional to help you maintain your AV system, there are things you can do by yourself to keep everything in shape. 

Check unused sources

Most AV systems have sources that are not in use. Periodically check those sources for connectivity by connecting a source to the available port. 

It will let you know in advance if there is an issue so that you are not fumbling to resolve audio or video issues right before a big meeting.

Check projector filters

Most commercial projectors have replaceable filters. When changing the projector lamp, check and clean the filters as well. It will keep the projector temperature down and prolong the life of your projector. Also, keep a spare lamp and filter on hand to avoid unexpected issues.

Clean the system regularly.

Displays (LCD televisions, touchscreen displays, monitors, for example) can radiate heat. If the rear vents are congested with dust or debris, it will cause the display to run at a higher temperature, potentially damaging equipment. 

Regularly wipe away dust with a microfiber cloth on your displays’ front, back, and sides.

Power cycle your AV system

Power cycling your equipment rack once every 2-3 months can clear any cache memory and help the system perform optimally.

Keep cabinets or credenzas clean.

If AV equipment is in a cabinet/credenza, keep it clean and clear from unnecessary and miscellaneous items like user guides, extra office supplies, dust, and trash. 

Also, allowing a clear path for air follow will aid in keeping the temperature down.

Be aware of power outages and scheduled blackouts.

Check your AV equipment as soon as possible after a power surge or outage to proactively address issues before they become problems. Be aware of scheduled blackouts, and follow the procedure in reverse when shutting down and powering on your equipment.

Train new staff

Offer system training to new and current employees. It follows that the greater one’s ease in using and navigating a given system, the greater their commitment to utilizing it over time.

Make the training interactive, having all attendees use the system during the training. 

In addition, this can reduce dependence on support staff, service calls, and “mysteriously broken” equipment.

How to protect your AV system in case of blackouts?

Audiovisual (AV) equipment damaged due to power outages typically incurs expensive repair or replacement costs. Since blackouts and power outages are not planned, the system can be hit by power surges and electricity fluctuations. 

To reduce risk and protect your AV system during blackouts, we advise implementing one or more of the following approaches:

1. Use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

One way to protect an AV system is by using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The UPS is a device that covers the most delicate components of the system from unexpected power surges, and it is now becoming essential when dealing with AV systems.

Although it costs money to install a UPS, that money is well spent and can prevent more expensive purchases later on and irreparable damages.

2. Invest in a surge protector

Another essential aspect to take care of during a blackout is the potential danger a power surge creates. It is possible to use a power surge protector to prevent this situation. When purchasing a power surge, opt for a quality device to protect the system instead of trying to economize by getting a cheap one.

3. Turn off/unplug your equipment

During any blackout situation, we recommend switching off all AV equipment as a safety precaution against potential power surges or fluctuations that could result when the electrical supply resumes. 

Refrain from switching anything back on until after some minutes have elapsed for you to ascertain stability.

Moreover, disconnecting everything from your TV and speakers to AV components is a prudent choice to safeguard them from any potential damage or malfunction when the electricity returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common AV issues and problems?

Common Av System problems are sound quality, connectivity, dirty components such as filters and cable junctions, and display malfunction. But there could be other problems related to outdated machinery, errors during setup, wrong settings when using the system, and compatibility challenges between software and hardware.

What is the life expectancy of AV equipment?

Factors such as usage and maintenance practices significantly affect the durability of audiovisual systems and components. For instance, an expensive AV system can last up to 7 years, but with proper care, the system can last longer or require replacing only a few pats.

What is proactive maintenance?

Proactive maintenance means preventing eventual problems or system breakdowns. It is done by prioritizing regular upkeep activities that anticipate potential problems before they occur. It also includes understanding and using the AV system correctly to prevent damage. 


Although it might seem much work and time-consuming, audiovisual equipment maintenance plays a pivotal role in the success and sustainability of businesses. Regular maintenance can save thousands of dollars that could go into buying a replacement part or even a new system altogether.

Preventative maintenance is one way to go about it. There are also added benefits in performing regular checks, such as keeping up with industry trends and maintaining an advanced AV system.

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