Exploring the Benefits of Video Walls for Your Business in Ontario

Exploring the Benefits of Video Walls for Your Business in Ontario - By CenturyAV.com.

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Video walls significantly impact the productivity and customer experience of any business, not just in Ontario, but worldwide. People love visuals, and a video wall is a massive example of what we can do with screens..

Whether you own a store and need to wow your clients with your products, need a communication tool in the reception area, or want to showcase your restaurant’s best delicacies, a video wall can be the best option that never disappoints.

Video walls have numerous monitors working in unison, creating an exceptionally colossal display experience. Together with a controller, and a processing system, these screens create exceptional solutions for many businesses and organizations alike.

This article will elaborate more on the benefits of installing video walls in your operations and how to select the correct equipment. But most importantly, we’ll show you the impact of video walls on customer engagement and business productivity.

Understanding Video Walls and Their Applications

Video walls are ultra-high resolution digital displays with numerous display screens combined to create a huge display. These vast displays create an immersive, dynamic, marketing and educational environment that can improve customer experience. They can drive home the ‘wow’ factor..

The screens/displays designed for video walls have narrow bezels, which help minimize the gaps between the active displaying regions. They have the necessary hardware for stacking them together, plus connections to video, daisy chain power, and a command signal. The command signals help you power the video walls and calibrate their brightness.

The video walls come with a processor, also called the controller, that helps split a huge image into parts you can easily display on the small screens. The controllers can either be software-based or hardware-based.

The software-based controllers operate like an operating system, while the hardware-based ones are electronic devices.

Businesses prefer video walls over a single massive display because they can customize the tile layouts and their great display area per unit cost. On top of that, they vary in resolution, size, and shape. Remember, your business’s objectives will determine the type of display you select.

These screens can be found in stadiums, control rooms, reception areas, and restaurants, among other public venues. Some of its major applications include the following.

Retail Environments

Technology has changed every industry over the last few decades, and the retail sector is no exception. And one of the significant technologies affecting retail stores is the introduction of video walls. Video walls have improved customer experience and give them an edge over online stores. Some of its applications in the retail sector include:

  • Window shopping: instead of the old store window displaying products, these massive video walls create a unique and dynamic wall presentation. You can display a fashion show featuring some of the products being sold. They can serve as virtual salespersons that tell the story of the products in your shop.
  • Improve client engagement: you can draw a huge crowd to your store by letting the clients control aspects of the contents using their smartphones. Create some unique promotional experiences with audio and video that clients can select and watch while visiting the stores. The store can entertain and educate their clients when they visit their stores while generating sales.
  • Omnichannel sales: to compete with online stores, retail shops selling home-furnishing use video walls to advertise most of their products that cannot be displayed in their small stores. So when you visit their stores, you can view videos of their other products and make an order. Once the client picks the best furniture, the shop ships them to its residents.

Corporate Settings

You can use video walls in corporate settings for external and internal communications. Organizations can use them to convey specific information to their customers, audience, or employees. Companies can use a single image to say a thousand words. Some of the places where they can be used include:

  • Break rooms or corporate lobbies: they can be used to display daily company announcements and significant achievements.
  • Airports use them to display the current flight schedules.
  • Universities and corporations use them in visualization suites, classrooms, and collaboration rooms.
  • Security monitoring centers use the screens to access the many IP cameras in the building. 

Event Venues

Event organizers use the video wall to display content from their sponsors to the attendees. It’s one of the best ways to advertise all their sponsors without interfering with the event’s program. They can even display the event on enormous screens for people to see the shows from a distance.

You can attach and chain video walls to create a ceiling-to-floor display like the ones fashion companies use when launching their latest collections.

The Impact of Video Walls on Business Productivity and Customer Engagement

The Impact of Video Walls on Business Productivity and Customer Engagement is explained at CenturyAV.com.

Instead of using a single screen, you can improve business productivity. Why don’t you use multiple screens to display many images and details simultaneously? Businesses use video walls to convey certain information to their audiences within the shortest time possible. Video walls can improve customer engagement and business productivity in the following ways:

  1. Run Several Functions or Projects at the Same Time

A video wall system is an ideal technology that can save you cash and time by displaying lots of images on one screen instead of on small ones or billboards. It’s one of the most cost-effective methods for advertising your projects and functions to the public.

Companies can improve productivity by using video walls to keep several functions or projects running simultaneously. By running different functions at the same time, they will improve efficiency and productivity in your workplace. On top of that, this can easily improve customer engagement.

  1. Increase Customer Engagement

Companies use video walls to display their services or products and, in most cases, to showcase their brands. For instance, retail stores have been using video walls to elaborate more on their journey or a product’s story for years. The journey is engaging and can keep potential clients glued to the screen and even result in a purchase.

They create engaging displays that smartphone applications can control. Video walls can get clients involved in your brand in a hands-on way.

  1. Create Immersive Communication Experiences

The key to improving customer engagement and a company’s productivity is communication, and what better way to share certain details with your customers and team members than using video walls? 

Choosing the Right Video Wall for Your Ontario Business

Purchasing a video wall can be an exceptional investment for any venture. The right video walls will open your business to opportunities by improving productivity and client engagement. Therefore, you must find the right option for your business to stand out in Ontario.

Before investing in these displays, you should ask yourself, which type of content will your business be advertising or displaying on the wall? Are you planning to create an engaging experience for your clients, display product details, or create a digital billboard?

The purpose of the video wall will determine the number of screens you purchase and the technology you’ll use to edit your content. It will help you choose the size of the screen, its resolution, and the necessary features. So here are a few tips to help you pick the right video wall for your business:

  • Viewing distance: The viewing distance of the display is also a crucial consideration when picking your video wall. The further it is from the views, the lower the resolution, and vice versa. So you should consider the space’s size and the intended use of the display to calculate the best viewing distance.
  • Budget: generally, these video walls come in a wide range of prices, resolutions, and sizes. Therefore, depending on your purpose, you should consider your budget. But most importantly, you should purchase the best quality video wall within your budget that meets your company’s needs. Don’t forget to include the installation cost, maintenance, and the price of all the necessary additional features.
  • Warranty: When purchasing any electronic it’s always a good idea to consider the warranty of the available video wall. An exceptional warranty can protect your investment for a certain duration, giving you peace of mind. Therefore, you should consider the warranty’s duration and coverage, which includes maintenance, software, and hardware. 

Considerations for Video Wall Design and Layout

A video wall is an exceptional tool businesses use to set the room’s mood while attracting and engaging the audience. Fortunately, some video walls are built for specific purposes. Therefore, if you’re planning on investing, you should account for the following design and layout considerations:

Your Venue

Generally, the place where you’ll install the video wall is a theater, mall or other publicly accessible locale. Remember, their main goal is to convey certain messages in the best way possible. 

If your main goal is installing digital signage, you must consider the space’s video wall design, layout, installation process, and lighting. The place where you plan on installing the video walls will determine the design and layout you plan on using.

Video Wall Contrast and Brightness

The leading video wall designs in the market are LED and LCDs. They are both quite valuable and vary in price and audience experience. They provide exceptional picture clarity; unfortunately, it can be limited by where you install the video walls.

You’ll need a presentation with greater contrast and a color palette for darker environments. Unfortunately, it can be affected by the ambient light in the conference rooms. Luckily, LED video walls work perfectly in both scenarios, but you’ll have to use more colorful presentations with an LED display. The LCD video walls come second to the LED display.

Video Wall Layout Design

LED and LCD displays are composed of numerous digital display panels for advertising lots of content. Unfortunately, the layout difference is that the LCD has a minute bezel between the screens. On the other hand, the LED display tiles offer a seamless viewing experience. In fact, the LED has a little-to-no visible tile bezel.

To design the appropriate video wall, your best bet is to contact our professional team who are ready to help you design and craft incredible immersive experiences.

Technical Specifications and Requirements

After determining the right design and layout, you should consider the video walls’ specifications and requirements. For instance, if you plan to install eight screens, you should consider getting 4X2 displays, each a 55″ LCD display.

The mounting system should have four axes for aligning the panels, but most importantly, the Mounting depth has to be ADA-compliant.

Other things to consider when purchasing your displays are the resolution, bezel width, brightness, contrast ratio, backlight type, and full viewing angle. For a newbie, picking the right combination can be quite challenging, but when working with a professional, you’re guaranteed the best displays with the right specification for your event.

Remember, the display’s specifications will play a massive role in the quality of the production. If it’s for digital signage, they will ensure that it’s installed correctly in a place where it cannot be affected by brightness. On top of that, it’s also visible to all the potential clients.

Conclusion: Leveraging Video Walls in Ontario’s Business Landscape

Like in some of the world’s top cities, Ontario businesses are embracing the idea of video walls. Most companies are replacing single displays with video walls, which help improve their productivity. Unfortunately, getting the right equipment can be challenging for newbies or DIY installers; therefore, you should always consult professional installers.

Professional installers can guarantee that the video wall installation will help improve your business while being future-proof. They will help you pick and install the right video walls correctly while ensuring your adverts capture the client’s attention and improve their experience.

Not sure who to talk to? Talk to our team here at Century Audio Visual. We’re based in Mississauga and ready to help your organization make your video wall displays a reality.

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