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Would you like to know what you’ll find in the AV equipment for a meeting room?

For successful teamwork that fosters creativity and enhances decision-making processes at work, modern-day office environments cannot do without functional meeting rooms equipped with adequate audio-visual (AV) facilities like video conference systems, top-notch display screens, and high-quality sound devices.

But when these vital components of advanced technology fail during the presentation, such setbacks can ruin the overall efficacy of office gatherings.

Technical difficulties can derail well-planned meetings, from poor video quality to faulty sound systems. That’s why having the right AV equipment in your meeting room is essential. 

Anyone who holds managerial roles in any type of company, from start-ups to multinationals, is perfectly aware of how essential the time spent in meetings with collaborators is for managing one’s business.

Let’s see what are the essential AV equipment for a meeting room. 

Why Set Up A Meeting Room With Century AV?

Why Set Up A Meeting Room With Century AV? Find out from our experts today at

Before setting up the meeting rooms, consider the location to improve the working atmosphere, stimulate creativity, and put customers at ease.

In order to set up a meeting room in the most practical way possible, the first question is: what is the intended use?

Internal Use

If designed for internal use only, it could 

  • host meetings of the company’s employees.
  • Collaborators to develop new ideas
  • Work on new projects
  • Take stock of the situation on the objectives you want to achieve in the program. 
  • Organize work for the next period.

The environment, in this case, must be designed in such a way as to promote concentration and facilitate the work, making all the necessary tools available in maximum comfort, which include the use of AV tools and equipment. 

External Use

Another typical situation for setting up a meeting room is meeting with customers and suppliers or with possible new business partners. In this case, the space must be functional and create a professional but welcoming environment.

Meeting rooms can immediately give an image of the company and communicate the originality of the people working in it.

It is essential to choose a suitable space for setting up a meeting room, which is large enough and well-lit. 

At Century Audio Visual, we can walk you through what you need to meet your objectives, and your budget. Trust our professionals with decades of experience to help you set up the perfect meeting room for your team.

Essential Av Equipment For Your Meeting Room

Essential Av Equipment For Your Meeting Room explained at

When it comes to setting up an AV system in your meeting room, there are several components that you’ll need to consider. Each piece is crucial in ensuring that your meetings run smoothly and effectively. 

Here they are:

1. Display Screens & TVs 

The display screen is essential as it is the central piece of an AV system setup’s puzzle. This component allows you to easily share presentations, videos, and other forms of information.

One must consider size, resolution, and connectivity options to select an appropriate fitting device.

Reliably investing in an excellent quality TV would be highly recommended to manage image-sharing operations comfortably. Furthermore, the elegance brought about by their presence makes it worthwhile to create a favorable impression on clients.

However, it all depends on one’s budget allocation. Smart TVs can directly connect users through built-in video conferencing technologies (usable without external hardware) and manage their internet connection through wireless mechanisms, such as Bluetooth or Wifi. Meanwhile, these types of systems simultaneously function like a computer.

Although they come at steep prices, a well-informed purchase could be worthwhile. 

2. Projector

A projector may be better than a display screen if you have a larger meeting room. Projectors can display larger images and are often more cost-effective than large screens. 

Look for a projector with high brightness and resolution for the best image quality that can fit your meeting room’s size.

3. Speakers & Microphones

Meetings are all about clear communication, which means top-notch audio quality. Ensure your team hears every word by equipping your meeting room with powerful speakers with clarity and fidelity.

From a technical point of view, the microphone is technically defined as an electrical transducer.

In technical and scientific language, an electrical transducer is a device that converts a physical quantity into electrical energy. In the case of the microphone, what converts into electrical energy is sound.

At first glance, this transformation seems almost magical, but everything has a simple physical explanation!

When you speak into a microphone, your vocal cords cause molecules in the surrounding air to vibrate. The sound wave travels from the air into the microphone. Here there is a component that vibrates when the movement of air surrounding it vibrates. In other words, if something makes a noise, it shakes the air, and the microphone picks it up like a sensor. 

Through different physical phenomena based on technology, the vibrations are transformed into electrical energy.

Microphones are a crucial component of any AV system. They ensure that everyone can hear in the meeting room clearly, even far away from the speakers.

4. Audio Mixer

The mixer has the privilege of combining multiple sound sources with being directed towards a single output, managing many instruments connected simultaneously. With a mixer, it is also possible to raise, lower, and change the various sound inputs.

The primary users of audio mixers are professionals in the music and film industry, but there are also tools for beginners or meeting rooms. 

5. Video Conferencing System

To work remotely well with your team or frequently collaborate with clients and associates situated elsewhere, you most certainly need a dependable video conferencing system.

Ideally, your preferred platform will offer excellent audio-visual qualities accompanied by valuable capabilities such as screen-sharing options and the capacity to record meetings.

6. Control System

A control system allows you to manage your AV equipment centrally. It can include controlling the display screen or projector, adjusting audio levels, and switching between different sources.

7. Video Wall

A video wall can provide an impressive and immersive visual experience for larger meeting rooms or conference halls. This display screen comprises multiple smaller screens arranged in various configurations.

8. Interactive Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard lets users write or draw on the display screen using a stylus or fingers. It can be helpful for brainstorming sessions or collaborative work where team members must collaborate on a visual project.

Benefits Of An Effective AV Meeting Room Setup

Benefits Of An Effective AV Meeting Room Setup explained at

A well-designed AV room setup can make all the difference when it comes to successful meetings and presentations. 

Some of the benefits one can expect from a proper AV meeting room setup are:

  • Create more participation with clients and workers
  • Improve your communication
  • Create a good image of your brand

Investing in a high-quality audio and video system can reap numerous benefits, including improved communication and creating more engagement. 

Precise and high-quality audio and video are critical to effective communication during meetings. High-quality equipment ensures that everyone can hear and see each other clearly, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings or miscommunications. 

An immersive AV setup also helps keep your team, or audience members focused throughout your presentation. It translates to better retention of information and higher levels of participation. 

A high-quality AV setup adds a professional edge to your meetings and presentations. 

With the proper AV layout, you’ll possess greater flexibility in the meetings or presentations you host. For instance, switching between different presentation formats becomes seamless while incorporating remote team members is possible. 

Essential Aspects To Consider When Setting Up A Meeting Room

Essential Aspects To Consider When Setting Up A Meeting Room -
Conference room with round table

Designing a conference room involves carefully considering various factors, such as technology, office placement, and interior design. In today’s work culture, where open spaces are the norm, a conference room provides valuable private space for productive meetings. 

It is, therefore, crucial to creating suitable spaces with appropriate equipment to distinguish between an average workplace and a vibrant hub of collaboration and creativity. 

When designing a team’s conference space, it is essential to consider the employees and clients who will use the area and the intended purpose. 

Each office team differs in goals requiring different meeting needs depending on the circumstances. 

The conference rooms’ location, acoustics, and audio-visual technology also require attention. A well-located and adequately soundproofed room without an echo or background noise prevents audio distortion that impedes communication. 

Once you have addressed acoustical needs, it’s necessary to plan your audio-visual requirements correctly based on the size of the conference area.

Smaller rooms may only require telephones, while medium-sized ones need video capabilities with more complex audio configurations and safekeeping hardware storage solutions for neat meeting spaces; all must have reliable internet connectivity. 

Collaboration-enhancing environments should be functional and comfortable while explicitly built to serve their purpose. 

How To Improve Conference Room Acoustics

How To Improve Conference Room Acoustics with Century Audio Visual.
Conference Room

Improving acoustics within a conference room involves implementing functional changes that enhance sound quality while mitigating echoes. To improve things, you can add the following to your room:

  • Acoustic panels
  • Rugs
  • Carpets
  • Furniture position for best sound

Acoustic panels are great tools capable of absorbing sound waves while minimizing echoing occurrences within walls or ceilings – available in dissimilar sizes, shapes, and colors depending on your preferences too! 

Sometimes hard surfaces like walls or floors may deflect sounds causing greater echos; thus, minimizing this with rugs or carpets offers effective noise reduction as they absorb sound frequencies from most ranges applicable during meetings. 

Contacting a professional consultant, such as those at Century AV, may prove invaluable when all else fails. They can help produce specifically goal-oriented solutions consistent with your needs while delivering reliable outcomes within a short timeframe. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Meeting and Conference Rooms

How do you reduce noise in a meeting room? 

To minimize distractions during your next team gathering, consider implementing sound-reducing techniques such as acoustic panel installation or utilizing white noise machines. You’ll create a conducive space for productive conversations and collaboration by prioritizing acoustics alongside seating and lighting needs.
If you want the help of a professional audio visual expert in Ontario, Canada, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

What makes a good conference room?

To create a good conference room, you have to create an environment with comfortable seating options that promote productivity and participation among attendees, have adequate lighting, and ensure there are good acoustic properties so that individuals can hear one another clearly throughout discussions. 

What is a soundproof panel for a meeting room?

A soundproof panel for a meeting room is an acoustic panel designed to absorb sound waves and reduce echoes. The materials used to make them are dense and block outside noise by absorbing sound waves inside the room.

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