Getting back to work post-COVID-19 is a topic on everyone’s mind.  Crestron makes the return easier and safer with AirMedia® touchless rooms.  AirMedia® is Crestron’s fastest, easiest, most manageable and secure wireless presentation technology.  Easy to deploy and manage, users simply download the AirMedia® 2.0 free app to personal computers across the enterprise.

According to Delix Alex, Sr. Product Manager, Enterprise Applications, AirMedia® “fits perfectly into the new ‘touchless’ meeting room reality”.  In his blog post “Getting Back to Work Post COVID-19“, he states, “You simply enter the room and the system is operational. Again, no physical interaction with any device other than your own”.

To learn more about the numerous benefits of this product, check out Delix’s blog post or contact Century Audio Visual.

Every day we help teams safely get back to work.