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In today’s business world, a well-designed conference room is more than just a meeting space—it’s a hub for collaboration and creativity. Imagine a room where layout, lighting, and technology seamlessly come together, inspiring your team and boosting productivity. This inspiration is the impact of an effective conference room design.

For corporate managers, the challenge is to create a space that is both visually appealing and functionally advanced with the latest audio-visual (AV) technologies. At Century AV, we know that the right design can significantly enhance team performance. We stand by our clients, offering comprehensive support long after installation, ensuring that your AV systems continue to deliver value.

In this article, we will explore the critical elements of conference room design, address common challenges, and emphasize the importance of selecting the right AV solution provider. Discover how to transform your conference room into an inspiring and efficient space that drives your business forward.

Effective Conference Room Design and its Importance

A poorly lit conference room design can take away from the performance of your team. Look at this image with it's poorly lit conference room and compare to the first image in this post. Which conference room design is better? Learn more at
Would you be happy about the lighting in this boardroom?

Conference room design for modern workplaces has become more than art; it’s science. Whether you want invisible speakers, all-in-one meeting technology, or AI-powered meeting solutions, having an effective design for your conference room is critical in today’s business landscape.

A key design element of a successful conference room is inspiration. A conference room designer should consider how to inspire personnel best to be creative within the confines of their responsibilities.

Further to inspiration, the crucial elements of good conference room design should aim to achieve a positive ‘vibe’ within the space, contributing to people’s well-being. Why? Because people in Western culture spend at least one-third of their lives at work. (1)

It should also make people happy, or at least not make them sad. Remember that a work-life balance is crucial for happy personnel, and happy personnel perform better than unhappy personnel.

In a survey by Gensler in 2005, they found that poorly designed offices erode productivity. In their claim, they stated that poor office design could cost UK businesses up to 135 billion euros per year. (2) I know what you’re thinking: that’s in the UK; is this relevant to Canada? The assumption here is yes, an office is an office, no matter where it is. Let’s draw this down further:

  • The GDP of the UK in 2005 was 2.543 trillion USD, according to the World Bank (which equates to 2543 billion). (3)
  • Cost of Poor Office Design: 135 billion Euros = 144.5 billion USD (rounded off to the nearest half billion) (2)

Therefore, loss of income due to poor productivity caused by poor office design, if expressed as a function of GDP, would look like this: 145.5b : 2543b

  • GDP of Canada in 2005 was 1.17 trillion USD (equating to 1170 billion USD)(4)

Therefore, using the same ratio, we can cross multiply to find x, which in this case will represent the income loss of Canadian businesses if held to the same ratio as the UK:

145.5b / 2543b = Xb / 1170b

X = 145.5b * 1170b / 2543b

X = 66.9b (USD)

Therefore, fellow Canadians, know that our poorly designed offices are costing us an astounding 66.9 billion USD or 91,997,535,000.00 CAD.

Now, suppose we divide the loss by the number of businesses in the same year (1,046,000 enterprises) (5). In that case, we get an assumed loss-per-Canadian business of CAD 87,951.75 per year, scaling from 2005.

These numbers are a compelling reminder of why your focus on optimizing the design of offices, boardrooms, and conference rooms is critical to inspiring personnel to be at their best. Century AV helps make those optimized environments a reality with the most cutting-edge AV technologies.

I assume that, by this point, you are convinced that conference room design can play a critical, even measurable, role in improving your operations through the optimization of the work environment. Let’s take a look at some essential elements of the conference room design that have some of the most significant impacts.

Critical Elements of Conference Room Design

A beautiful and modern conference room design showing the trend of invisible technology. Learn more at

We’ve reviewed some highly compelling evidence to support the need for productivity-focused work environments. Now, let’s see how that translates into points to optimize your conference room design.

Ergonomic Furniture for Comfort and Productivity

Ergonomic furniture design intends to support the human body, promote good posture, and enhance comfort and efficiency in a working environment. The primary goal of ergonomic furniture is to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems, such as back pain, neck strain, and repetitive stress injuries, which can occur from prolonged sitting or improper workstation setup. Here are the key features and benefits of ergonomic furniture:

Adjustable Components:

  • Chairs: Ergonomic chairs typically have adjustable seat height, armrests, backrest height and tilt, and lumbar support to accommodate different body types and preferences.
  • Desks: Adjustable desks (including standing desks) allow users to change the height of the work surface, enabling both sitting and standing positions throughout the day.

Supportive Design:

  • Lumbar Support: Chairs often include built-in lumbar support to help maintain the natural curve of the human spine and reduce lower back strain.
  • Contoured Seating: Seats are designed to distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure points.

Encourages Proper Posture:

  • Alignment: Ergonomic furniture helps keep the body aligned in a neutral position. This neutral positioning helps in reducing strain on muscles and joints.
  • Movement: Some designs encourage movement and dynamic sitting, preventing stiffness and improving circulation.

Enhances Productivity:

  • Comfort: By reducing discomfort and fatigue, ergonomic furniture helps users stay focused and productive.
  • Accessibility: Adjustable and well-designed workstations make it easier to reach and use tools, reducing unnecessary movements and improving efficiency.

Prevents Health Issues:

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders: Proper ergonomic furniture can prevent or alleviate issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and lower back pain.
  • Eye Strain: Adjustable monitor stands and proper desk setup can reduce eye strain and neck pain by ensuring screens are at eye level.

Examples of Ergonomic Furniture:

  • Ergonomic Chairs: These chairs often feature adjustable height, tilt, lumbar support, and armrests.
  • Standing Desks: Standing desks are those you can adjust for sitting or standing positions.
  • Keyboard Trays: Ideally, adjustable trays that position the keyboard and mouse within a comfortable height and angle are best.
  • Monitor Stands: Stands or mounts that adjust the height and angle of computer monitors to reduce neck strain.
  • Footrests: These are used to support the feet and reduce pressure on the lower back when sitting.

By incorporating ergonomic furniture into a workspace, you can improve overall comfort, health, and productivity.

Why Ensure Furniture is Ergonomic?

Here are some interesting numbers to consider when deliberating whether to get ergonomic conference chairs and other furniture:

  • Office ergonomic furniture can reduce musculoskeletal problems by up to 61%.
  • Office ergonomic furniture can reduce lost work days by 88%.
  • Office ergonomic furniture can reduce office staff turnover by 87%.

Optimal Lighting and Acoustics

One of the many modern office conference room design installations completed by Century Audio Visual. To see more of our work, visit

A poorly lit conference room is not a great idea. However, suppose you’re intending to use projectors. In that case, you’ll want control over lighting, perhaps incorporating a dimming system accessible via remote.

According to research, office lighting that’s blue-enriched white light (17000K) was found to improve the following (7) subjectively:

  • Alertness
  • Performance
  • Evening fatigue
  • Positive mood
  • General fatigue at work
  • Irritability
  • Concentration
  • Eye discomfort

Not only is appropriate lighting important, but the acoustics of a room make a big difference, too. For example, imagine being in your boardroom on a live call with a new client; what if the sound on your end was bad, giving your team a hard time hearing the client? These sorts of frustrations can add friction to sales calls, essential meetings, or even just the day-to-day. When sound systems are not appropriate, people will tend to shy away from using them, defeating the purpose of the equipment in the first place. That’s why room acoustics matter, and proper soundproofing is a necessity, depending on the layout and building materials used.

State-of-the-Art Audio-Visual Equipment

Meeting audio-visual equipment has come a long way from the days of chalkboards and white paper easels. Today’s technology, like the Yealink all-in-one digital meeting board or the Meeting Owl innovative meeting system, makes the white paper easels and whiteboards of the past look like Stone Age tools.

The key to selecting the best equipment for your conference room is to assess your needs and contact the team at Century AV. We’d be happy to help you determine which system is right for your organization, saving you time and money. Contact us today for more information on the selection of a conference system.

Challenges in Conference Room Design

A modern office conference room design shows a manager leaning at the window, looking out to the poorly lit building around the conference room. Learn more about conferencing equipment at
Businessman in modern conference room looking out of the interior window.

Balancing Aesthetic Design with Functional Technology

Finding the appropriate balance between a conference room with a visually appealing design and its practical functionality is a challenging task. There’s so much to consider behind the scenes, especially relating to powered and networked equipment. Depending on the equipment type, weight, what heat it generates, and where the cables need to be, it can be quite the challenge to bring together a bold aesthetic and functional space where equipment is perfectly suited to the need.

Finding the appropriate technical equipment solution to match your aesthetic is critical if you want the result to really ‘wow’ the stakeholders. That’s why at Century AV, we work closely with designers and engineers to ensure the project meets or, better yet, exceeds its goals and expectations. Take the new Amina invisible speaker, for example. We work with designers, contractors, and others to bring invisible or aesthetically pleasing functionality to every project (where possible).

Budget Constraints

Technology and its rapid growth benefit smaller companies facing tight budgetary constraints. Even larger companies face budgetary constraints if the purchase cost overshadows the apparent usefulness. That’s why Century AV has partnered with some of the best solution providers in the industry, like Owl and Yealink, to deliver incredible technology at budgets that don’t break the bank.

Learn more about the Owl Meeting System.

Learn more about the Yealink All-in-one Meeting Board.

Technological Integration

One of the most common challenges occurs when an organization wants to update its existing system or integrate a new system with an existing network. Sometimes, these integrations can become quite a challenge. If you face one of these situations, the best thing to do is to give us a call and let our professional team help you figure out the best solution for your business or organization.

Choosing the Right AV Solution Provider

Another completed conference room design setup installed by

When choosing the right AV partner, it’s typically up to one of the following:

  1. Price – There’s always a budget, so price is always a concern.
  2. Experience – No one wants to hire an amateur, right?
  3. Solutions – If the company doesn’t offer solutions that align with your objectives, you’ll need to keep looking.
  4. Availability—Depending on your project timeline, Companies that make promises but can’t deliver in a timely manner might not be a great fit.
  5. Support—Surprisingly, this isn’t the first thing on the minds of many consumers, but it’s the only thing on their minds later when something goes wrong. It’s unfortunate, but many companies seemingly disappear after the initial transaction is over. At Century AV, we pride ourselves on our customer service and support. From day one to years from now, we stick with our clients, providing the best support possible.

Importance of Post-Installation Support

We mentioned our pride in our customer support. It’s true—we stand out in a crowd—we’re the ones standing by our clients when they need us. So many companies just don’t measure up, but at Century AV, it’s simply a part of our DNA. 

Post-installation support is essential. Don’t overlook it.

Elevate Your Team’s Performance with the Right Conference Room Design

Another minimalist conference room design shows the new trend in invisible technology like speakers, cameras, and microphones in conference rooms. Learn more at
Interior of reception and meeting room 3 D illustration

Inspiring and functional conference rooms are essential for any business aiming to boost productivity and foster creativity. By incorporating ergonomic furniture, optimal lighting, and state-of-the-art AV equipment, you can create a space that energizes your team and enhances their performance. 

At Century AV, we are committed to helping you achieve this with our comprehensive AV solutions and unparalleled support. Ready to transform your conference room into a hub of innovation? Contact us today, and let’s start creating the perfect environment for your success. Leave a comment or reach out for a consultation—we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Article Sources

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