Cool Things in the World of Displays, Part One: LG Transparent OLED Displays

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The world of displays is continually changing. In this series, we'll examine some of the cutting-edge technology available on the market today.   LG introduced Transparent OLED Displays at InfoComm 2019. If you are looking for that 'wow factor', LG's product really delivers. At only 7 millimetres thick, LG's display provides a remarkably transparent experience.

What’s in a Picture? Expect More with Your Century AV Installation

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According to Richard Wollheim, the influential philosopher, a picture contains two aspects: what you see on the surface and the things represented by the picture. What do you see in this picture? Yes, there are cables, boxes, ports and labels, all from a client installation project ready to ship out.   What you may not

Crestron’s AirMedia®: The New Touchless Meeting Room Reality

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Getting back to work post-COVID-19 is a topic on everyone’s mind.  Crestron makes the return easier and safer with AirMedia® touchless rooms.  AirMedia® is Crestron’s fastest, easiest, most manageable and secure wireless presentation technology.  Easy to deploy and manage, users simply download the AirMedia® 2.0 free app to personal computers across the enterprise. According to

Century Audio Visual’s Multi-Camera, Live Video Production Studio

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COVID-19 has impacted our lives in a way few could predict. People all around the world are self-quarantining and staying at home. This means that more and more people spend time online, with live streaming numbers hitting all-time highs. Now is your best time to take advantage of this trend. Broadcast your next Live video

LG 130” LED Screen: Most Effective Audio Visual Effects Yet

2020-10-05T14:16:28+00:00July 10th, 2020|News, Products|

LG has launched its new 130” All-in-one LED screen with the most effective audio visual effects yet. The LG 130” is even bigger than four, 55-inch conventional LCD displays combined! The greatest advantage of LG’s LED screen is no bezels. According to LG, it displays content without lines or distortions and provides a more immersive

NEW! Get Boardroom Functionality in Your Home Office with Century AV

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Get boardroom functionality in your home office! With many busy executives struggling to find ‘professional’ meeting space in their own homes, Century Audio Visual is excited to offer a new design service to give you all the perks of a ‘downtown’ office space in your own home. Century Audio Visual will work directly with you

Fresh Ways to Stay Productive in Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams, the “hub for teamwork”, enhances collaboration by combining meetings, classrooms, chat and calls in a single tool. Teams keeps everyone up to speed, which is incredibly important right now as much of the world continues to work remotely. Microsoft recently introduced fresh ways to stay productive in the Microsoft Teams environment. Users can

Bring Collaborative Touch to Any Zoom Room Display with DTEN Mate

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Designed exclusively for use with Zoom, DTEN Mate brings collaborative touch to any Zoom room display. DTEN Go with DTEN Mate is an easy to use, affordable plug and play device with a modern design. Simply pair the video bar with a wireless controller to enable a touch screen control system. The accompanying wireless DTEN

AV System Adoption: End-Users are The Key to Success

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How do you get the most out of your new AV System? Carolynn Heinze’s article “Maximizing the Adoption of Your AV Systems” highlights common issues companies face when implementing AV system change. Businesses invest in technology for many reasons, with efficiency and process improvement as the key drivers. According to Carolynn Heinze’s article, end-users are

Kramer Cables: Why Cable Quality Matters in AV Systems

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Cable quality matters in AV systems. As cable bandwidth requirements continue to grow, cables need to be manufactured to increasingly tighter tolerances. Kramer Electronics is one of the world’s largest suppliers of pre-terminated and bulk AV cables. According to Richard Ridge, Senior Accounts Manager, Kramer Canada, “An inexpensive, poorly made cable can be the weak