Cool Things in the World of Displays, Part One: LG Transparent OLED Displays

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The world of displays is continually changing. In this series, we'll examine some of the cutting-edge technology available on the market today.   LG introduced Transparent OLED Displays at InfoComm 2019. If you are looking for that 'wow factor', LG's product really delivers. At only 7 millimetres thick, LG's display provides a remarkably transparent experience.

What’s in a Picture? Expect More with Your Century AV Installation

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According to Richard Wollheim, the influential philosopher, a picture contains two aspects: what you see on the surface and the things represented by the picture. What do you see in this picture? Yes, there are cables, boxes, ports and labels, all from a client installation project ready to ship out.   What you may not

Christmas & Holiday Greetings 2020: A Year to Remember

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As we approach the 2020 holiday season, Century Audio Visual would like to take a moment to reflect on what has been an unusual yet profound year. We began 2020 with business as usual. We knew that there was a threat of a pandemic, but it felt so far away. Here we are, almost ten

Century Audio Visual up for Sam McCallion Community Involvement Award

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It is with humble thanks that Century Audio Visual announces it has been nominated for the 2020 Sam McCallion Community Involvement Award. Sam McCallion, the late husband of Mississauga’s beloved former Mayor, Hazel McCallion, was a lifelong volunteer. The Sam McCallion Award recognizes a volunteer who has made a difference in the life of an

Poor Audio Derails Meetings…Shure Intellimix® Delivers Crystal Clear Calls

2020-10-02T13:38:28+00:00August 28th, 2020|News, Advice, Marketing|

Poor audio, the kind that derails important meetings, has been around for too long. The audio revolution has arrived! Shure introduces Intellimix® Room, the first audio processing software for Windows 10 PC’s, optimized for Shure conferencing microphones. Shure Intellimix® Room eliminates sound distortion and delivers crystal clear calls. Skip the unboxing of multiple DSP units.

Pandemic Protocol: Three Communications’ Best Practices

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COVID-19 has thrust millions of employees from corporate offices to the kitchen table, closet workstations and basement laundry rooms. The world is experiencing accelerated digital transformation during a time of unprecedented change. As leaders lead their people during the pandemic, clear and consistent communications may help to keep businesses afloat. Here are three communications’ best

NEW! Get Boardroom Functionality in Your Home Office with Century AV

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Get boardroom functionality in your home office! With many busy executives struggling to find ‘professional’ meeting space in their own homes, Century Audio Visual is excited to offer a new design service to give you all the perks of a ‘downtown’ office space in your own home. Century Audio Visual will work directly with you

Fresh Ways to Stay Productive in Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams, the “hub for teamwork”, enhances collaboration by combining meetings, classrooms, chat and calls in a single tool. Teams keeps everyone up to speed, which is incredibly important right now as much of the world continues to work remotely. Microsoft recently introduced fresh ways to stay productive in the Microsoft Teams environment. Users can