The Sam McCallion Community Involvement Award goes to…

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We are honoured to have been nominated and awarded the Sam McCallion Community Involvement Award by the Mississauga Board of Trade. We are grateful for the loyalty of our customers and the relationships that have grown over the past 25 years! The Sam McCallion Community Involvement Award goes to Colin Tyler, President of Century Audio

Cool Things in the World of Displays, Part One: LG Transparent OLED Displays

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The world of displays is continually changing. In this series, we'll examine some of the cutting-edge technology available on the market today.   LG introduced Transparent OLED Displays at InfoComm 2019. If you are looking for that 'wow factor', LG's product really delivers. At only 7 millimetres thick, LG's display provides a remarkably transparent experience.

What’s in a Picture? Expect More with Your Century AV Installation

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According to Richard Wollheim, the influential philosopher, a picture contains two aspects: what you see on the surface and the things represented by the picture. What do you see in this picture? Yes, there are cables, boxes, ports and labels, all from a client installation project ready to ship out.   What you may not

New Year, New Lockdown, New Thinking: “Rebooting the Office”

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Right now, we are all in the same boat. We find ourselves in another COVID-19 lockdown, a new year and a new way of thinking. In its timely article, “Rebooting the Office”, IT World Canada (ITWC) explores key considerations for a safe return to the office. Written in collaboration with Jabra, a brand that specializes

Top 5 Tips to Improve Online Meeting Delivery

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As we continue with online work and meetings that take place on Zoom, Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams, many of us experience ‘Zoom fatigue’. To help combat the dread of yet another online meeting, here are the ‘Top 5 Tips’ that Century Audio Visual employs to improve online meeting delivery.   1. Keep it Short

What 8 Months of Online Collaboration Have Taught Us

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Over the past year, many of us have worked from home. We have collaborated online while sitting in the space we have available to us: home offices, basements, guest rooms and even laundry rooms. And, to our credit, we have made it work. As we contemplate a possible return to the office, IT departments know

Looking Forward : How Will COVID-19 Impact Business?

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From executives to small business owners, people are facing challenging questions. How will people do their jobs, safely? How much of our workforce should work from home? What additional security concerns does working from home represent for our business? Looking forward, we continue to seek answers on how COVID-19 will impact business across the world.

Fresh Ways to Stay Productive in Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams, the “hub for teamwork”, enhances collaboration by combining meetings, classrooms, chat and calls in a single tool. Teams keeps everyone up to speed, which is incredibly important right now as much of the world continues to work remotely. Microsoft recently introduced fresh ways to stay productive in the Microsoft Teams environment. Users can

AV System Adoption: End-Users are The Key to Success

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How do you get the most out of your new AV System? Carolynn Heinze’s article “Maximizing the Adoption of Your AV Systems” highlights common issues companies face when implementing AV system change. Businesses invest in technology for many reasons, with efficiency and process improvement as the key drivers. According to Carolynn Heinze’s article, end-users are

Video Streaming in COVID-19: Connecting Families Who Have Suffered Loss

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In an effort to protect public safety, our government has been forced to restrict business activity. For funeral homes, being able to provide a connection for families and friends who have suffered a loss is germane to what they do. Century Audio Visual is honoured to have been able to help funeral homes continue to