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Century Audio Visual up for Sam McCallion Community Involvement Award

2020-10-02T13:40:04+00:00September 1st, 2020|Awards, Marketing, News|

It is with humble thanks that Century Audio Visual announces it has been nominated for the 2020 Sam McCallion Community Involvement Award. Sam McCallion, the late husband of Mississauga’s beloved former Mayor, Hazel McCallion, was a lifelong volunteer. The Sam McCallion Award recognizes a volunteer who has made a difference in the life of an

Poor Audio Derails Meetings…Shure Intellimix® Delivers Crystal Clear Calls

2020-10-02T13:38:28+00:00August 28th, 2020|Advice, Marketing, News|

Poor audio, the kind that derails important meetings, has been around for too long. The audio revolution has arrived! Shure introduces Intellimix® Room, the first audio processing software for Windows 10 PC’s, optimized for Shure conferencing microphones. Shure Intellimix® Room eliminates sound distortion and delivers crystal clear calls. Skip the unboxing of multiple DSP units.


2020-10-02T13:32:34+00:00August 26th, 2020|Advice, Q&A|

Adam, our AV Systems Designer, and Tim, our Senior Design Manager, alternate as host of our quarterly Q & A column, launched in January. Today, Adam is the host. Expect answers to typical questions they encounter when they quote, design or implement a solution. Our goal: to help our valued clients become more informed to

Crestron’s AirMedia®: The New Touchless Meeting Room Reality

2020-10-02T13:35:38+00:00August 21st, 2020|Advice, COVID-19, News, Products, Services|

Getting back to work post-COVID-19 is a topic on everyone’s mind.  Crestron makes the return easier and safer with AirMedia® touchless rooms.  AirMedia® is Crestron’s fastest, easiest, most manageable and secure wireless presentation technology.  Easy to deploy and manage, users simply download the AirMedia® 2.0 free app to personal computers across the enterprise. According to

Pandemic Protocol: Three Communications’ Best Practices

2020-10-02T13:32:02+00:00August 19th, 2020|Advice, Marketing, News|

COVID-19 has thrust millions of employees from corporate offices to the kitchen table, closet workstations and basement laundry rooms. The world is experiencing accelerated digital transformation during a time of unprecedented change. As leaders lead their people during the pandemic, clear and consistent communications may help to keep businesses afloat. Here are three communications’ best

Security Technology May Help Businesses Navigate COVID-19 Challenges

2020-10-02T13:37:06+00:00August 14th, 2020|Advice, COVID-19, News|

As society attempts to return to a ‘new normal’, businesses struggle with how to manage safety and social distancing requirements. Many are looking to new tools to help them navigate COVID-19 challenges.  Fredrik Nilsson, VP of the Americas for Axis Communications writes about the hidden value of existing security systems in his article, “IP Technology

Don’t Delay! Contact CAV Today…Schedule Your Service or Installation!

2020-10-02T13:30:54+00:00August 12th, 2020|Advice, Construction, News, Services|

As the province continues to update the list of businesses allowed to reopen and return to work, many of our customers are contacting us. Some have updates or questions about their specific AV installation project. Others are concerned about ensuring their technology is fully up-to-date and operational before staff return to work, or, have questions

Century Audio Visual’s Multi-Camera, Live Video Production Studio

2020-10-02T13:34:14+00:00August 5th, 2020|COVID-19, News, Products, Services|

COVID-19 has impacted our lives in a way few could predict. People all around the world are self-quarantining and staying at home. This means that more and more people spend time online, with live streaming numbers hitting all-time highs. Now is your best time to take advantage of this trend. Broadcast your next Live video


2020-10-05T15:07:58+00:00July 24th, 2020|Advice, Q&A|

Adam, our AV Systems Designer, and Tim, our Senior Design Manager, alternate as host of our quarterly Q & A column, launched in January. In this blog post edition of our A/V Q&A, Tim, our Senior Design Manager, answers the question: “What is a 6.1 Speaker System?” When you see six speakers installed in a

Looking Forward : How Will COVID-19 Impact Business?

2020-10-05T15:07:35+00:00July 17th, 2020|Advice, Business, COVID-19, News|

From executives to small business owners, people are facing challenging questions. How will people do their jobs, safely? How much of our workforce should work from home? What additional security concerns does working from home represent for our business? Looking forward, we continue to seek answers on how COVID-19 will impact business across the world.