Why Professional Audio-Visual Installation in Ontario is the Best Choice

Why Professional Audio-Visual Installation in Ontario is the Best Choice - By CenturyAV.com.

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Why professional audio-visual installation is critical should be obvious. If it isn’t let’s take a scenario into consideration. Finally, after days of planning and organizing, the special day has arrived. Imagine the anxiety when the video presentation disappoints you with ear-piercing microphone feedback or low-quality videos while presenting your ideas to potential investors.

A minor mishap can result in a considerable loss and even affect your brand’s credibility. A poorly installed AV system can affect customer and team member engagement and morale.

But with professional AV installation, that won’t be an issue. Sure, a DIY installation can save you some cash and even give you time to familiarize yourself with the system. But there are several reasons why hiring professional audio-visual services in Ontario is the better choice for the best bang for your buck.

This article will elaborate more on the benefits of professional AV installation and how experts like the team at Century AV can help. We will also show you the risks associated with DIY AV installations and the errors you can avoid by contracting an audio-visual services company.

Why Opt for Professional Audio-Visual Installation?

It will take a professional audio-video system installer less time to deal with installation complications. Further to that point, professionals know things you may not know about wiring or about location placement, to name only a couple of the many things that only experience can teach.

Other than installing the AV systems, a professional audio-visual technician can troubleshoot some of the critical problems that can affect system components. In the case of virtual support, they can set up virtual conferences and do the rehearsal and practice to ensure that the equipment is ready for the job.

On top of that, they’re well-trained and always know what to expect from every system and how to install it for better output. In most cases, their goal is increased productivity and customer experience. However, they will get you the best components within your budget. So instead of picking the cheapest option, they know the affordable and reliable components that can guarantee great performance every time you use it. Other key reasons why you should opt for a professional include the following.

Ensuring Proper System Setup And Configuration

One of the most critical aspects of a successful audio-video installation is ensuring the system installation goes according to plan and that the system is properly configured. There are two ways to go about this step. The first is to do a lot of research and hope you’ve got your head wrapped around what needs to be done. The next is to hire a professional like the team at Century AV.

Ensuring expensive audio-visual equipment has been installed, setup, and configured according to specifications is crucial for project success. Although you might be able to find decent equipment, it’s likely that an expert will have access to commercial products which boast much better capabilities than traditional retail-grade av equipment. If you want the right equipment with the right setup for your project, then trust a professional to do the job right.

Avoiding common installation errors

Professional AV system installers like those at Century AV always do the installation correctly the first time. After all, they know all the common errors caused by most installers and can work their way around them.

A professional AV installation process starts with an initial consultation, which includes the installer getting the correct information about your business. They also determine the company’s AV needs, so you should be open and share more about your business’s objective and goals for the project.

The exact size of your conference room or other installation area plays a major role in the professional AV installation process. They will observe all the obstacles that can disrupt the installation process and often catch things that DIYers and amateurs miss. It’s the costly mistakes that make a big difference on how much you’ll spend when everything is said and done..

With the design ready, they can finally install the system correctly the first time while avoiding some of the common errors. One of the common errors of DIV installation processes is purchasing incompatible components and ending up with poor-quality sounds or displays.

Working with a professional from day one, you can avoid several errors, including:

  • Poor audio
  • Non-functioning components
  • Poor visual display
  • Incompatible hardware and software

You won’t ever have to deal with these problems with a professional AV system installer. You can benefit from their experience level and training. Plus, they have a support team as part of their after-sale service, well, Century AV does anyway (we can’t speak for those less-qualified in the market).

The support can help you troubleshoot some problems after the team finishes the installation process. The support team helps walk you through proper equipment use so you can get the most out of your newly installed system.

What To Expect From Ontario Audio-Visual Professionals

Professionals install equipment the right way. Don’t trust your business to amateurs, trust Century Audio Visual.

An Ontario AV system installation professional is an individual who specializes in installing commercial audio-visual systems. These systems can include everything from interactive displays, visual screen or projection displays, even security systems like closed-circuit cameras and other devices. 

Audio-Visual Technicians know where and how to route the wires to avoid signal interference and much more. They’re responsible for guaranteeing that your business gets the right components for its AV system. including high-quality products that are compatible with each other to deliver the best results.

An AV professional will ensure that you get the right equipment for your project. Here’s a few more things that a professional will handle with their experience.

Site Assessment And Planning

Generally, every business premises has a unique layout that defines the AV system design requirements. So, you can’t just use any audio-visual system design layout you find for every room in the building. To get things right, you’ll need  a proper site assessment to set up a good plan. Typically the site assessment occurs in a first visit. 

Planning the system is where a professional’s talents really shine. A seasoned veteran of the AV industry will know the proper commercial equipment to best suit your needs.

In the planning stage, av professionals will design the appropriate layout, including cabling – where most amateurs and DIYers get things wrong. After all, what good is a display if the signal is degraded by interference?

Expert Installation And Setup

If you get a chance to review a professional versus an amateur installation, take a good look. Simple things like cable management might not seem important at first, but once a business is up and running, the last thing you want to worry about is reinstallation on the day of a scheduled event.

The experts at Century Audio-Visual understand the nuances to installation of everything from standard network cable to power supplies and even fiber optics. If you want things installed and set up right, you turn to an expert.

Post-Installation Support And Maintenance

Professional audio-visual installers will offer post-installation support. Reputable companies will offer more than just a warranty on installation workmanship, they offer peace of mind. Through the provision of service contracts, maintenance, repairs, and equipment use instruction, a professional will offer all of these services and that gives you peace of mind knowing that you are supported long after an AV system goes live.

Risks of DIY AV Installations

There are a few obvious reasons to trust a professional over trying to do something new yourself. Some of the mistakes that might seem trivial can actually cause fires, leading to serious and severe incidents with dire consequences. Let’s take a look at some of the risks you’ll face when not using a professional.

Equipment Overheating

A common problem with poor installations is that people often think of their use of equipment first, and neglect to pay attention to the needs of the equipment. I saw this happen once at a show where an entire audio system went down because a plastic cup melted on a hot cabinet holding the system amplifiers. When the cup melted, the liquid in it had a chance to escape and trickled down, frying the board of the main amplifier and ruining a wedding event. Needless to say, one should never put liquid over electrical equipment, but the real problem was an inadequately vented installation and improper amplifier use.

The amplifier was mismatched with the speakers and it caused the amplifier to overheat. Furthermore, the lack of cabinet ventilation was enough to cause a plastic cup on top to melt enough to allow liquid to escape it. Two amateur mistakes compounded to cost a venue several thousand dollars and a highly embarrassing review online.

Power Surge

Knowing the power requirements for your equipment is crucial, but so is protecting those components from power surges. Weather strikes whether we like it or not, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to replace fried equipment that lacked proper grounding or surge protection. It happens a lot more often than you think, especially when people don’t understand the needs of the equipment.

Unlabeled Wires

Have you ever found a wire in your building that isn’t labeled? Well, I can tell you that when you start installing audio-visual equipment, networking equipment, even security cameras and CCTV, it’s critical that each wire, each cable, has a proper label. It’s really important if you need to troubleshoot components and again, this is something a seasoned professional will do because they know it will make installation neater, more organized, and help any technician in the future called in to troubleshoot.

Mismatched Components

I mentioned how the amplifier was mismatched with the speakers causing equipment overheating. Well, mismatching components can do a lot worse, especially if you try to set up your own wiring and do it incorrectly. Mismatched components can cause system failures that might prove unrecoverable without full equipment replacement.

If you want the right equipment for your project, you need to consider trusting a seasoned veteran of the AV industry – the team at Century AV is standing by to help.

Conclusion: The Value of Professional AV Installation in Ontario

Ontario is a booming province with fast-paced business and no time to wait for painful AV system mistakes. Trusting a professional to design, acquire, and install your system components is the only logical step forward for a company serious about successful av projects with designated deliverable goals. If you’re ready to move forward with a better system for your objectives, call on our team at Century AV to deliver the results you need.

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