Adam, our AV Systems Designer, and Tim, our Senior Design Manager, alternate as host of our quarterly Q & A column, launched in January.

In this blog post edition of our A/V Q&A, Tim, our Senior Design Manager, answers the question:

“What is a 6.1 Speaker System?”

When you see six speakers installed in a meeting room ceiling, you may be inclined to believe that what you are seeing is a 6.1 speaker system. This is actually not the case! This combination of six speakers is a distributed audio system whose purpose is to provide intelligible and moderate listening levels to participants anywhere in a presentation space.

It is purpose-built for the room. A 6.1 system would comprise of six individualized and crossed-over audio channels passing high-pass audio to each of the six ceiling speakers, with one, individual crossed-over channel of low-pass audio to a non-existent subwoofer in the space.

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