AV/IT systems require ongoing management, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting. Century Audio Visual’s Remote Support Service offers multiple business benefits. Here are the Top 3 Reasons to sign up now;

  1. Reduced Downtime.
    Problems are detected, and in many cases fixed remotely with a patch, update or configuration change. This reduces business downtime and client impact.
  2. Decreased Costs.
    Remote support can trace an endpoint, gateway, network or cloud failure in an interdependent system for faster detection and problem resolution.
  3. Increased Efficiency.
    Remote support can resolve most AV/IT issues, and minimizing the need to request the physical presence of a technician to be on-site. Less interaction and complexity in problem resolution increase your business’ efficiency.

Contact Century Audio Visual today to find out which option and pricing package is available and the right fit for your business regarding this value-added service.